Heartbreaks and Confessionals: “The Bachelors Australia” Finale Was Full of Twists

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With enough drama to rival Shonda Rhimes’ “Bridgerton”, “The Bachelors Australia” finale was one for the books. Ben Waddell, Luke Bateman and Wesley Senna Cortes took a chance on finding forever within a group of 24 lovely ladies. Two came out with hearts soaring, and one is walking away in pieces.

The short-lived season didn’t lack heart racing moments. From flower dramas between Angela and Amelia to one Bachelor’s controversial stance on sex before marriage, the trio’s search for their respective matches was filled with hurdles. But in the end, Wesley needed to make a decision about his future with Brea, Ben was left to decide his fate with Angela and Mckenna and Luke had to break Lana or Ellie’s heart.

Out of the 24 hopefuls, there were clear front runners, and we’re optimistic that at least one of the final couples will follow the leads of previous successful “Bachelor Australia” matches.

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Unfortunately, there were no proposals this time around, but there was tear jerking speeches and plenty of pashing. Strap in, because there’s a lot to unpack from “The Bachelors Australia” 2023 finale. Here’s who Ben, Luke and Wesley chose from the final five Bachelorettes.

What Went Down in “The Bachelors Australia” Finale

Luke Chose Ellie

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Luke and Ellie were a match from day dot. The ex-NRL player recalled their first encounter, saying that he couldn’t remember what their first conversation was about because he was so encapsulated by her aura.

“The spark we shared was a raging fire,” he said to the 29-year-old.

There was a slight hitch in Luke’s confession of love, when he confessed that he’d been hiding something from her.

“I once told you that I have only ever felt like this for someone before twice in my life,” Luke began. “I now realise that was a lie.”

Viewers held their breath along with Ellie as he continued: “I’ve never felt the way I do, for you, for anyone else ever before.” Phew!

Luke’s proclamation was topped off with a gift — a ring — that he said was to commmorate their time together. And in true Luke and Ellie fashion, they closed their conversation with a passionate kiss and a dance.

But the emotional rollercoaster wasn’t over for this Bachelor, he needed to let Lana know that his heart belonged to Ellie.

Lana gracefully accepted Luke’s rejection. She thanked him the experience, and said it was able to help her open up and feel comfortable being vulnerable. But in a post-rejection confessional, Lana admitted that she felt stupid and unable to process Luke’s decision.

Ben Chose Mckenna

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Before Ben shared a heartfelt moment with Mckenna, he had to break the bad news to Angela at a decorated church altar. After Angela learned that Ben had chosen Mckenna, the jilted Bachelorette was left speechless.

Angela turned to the producers and asked, “Guys can we wrap up now?”

“Angela you can go now if you want,” a producer responded.

“No disrespect to Mckenna but Ben made a huge mistake,” she said in a confessional outside of the church.

Ben’s confession to Mckenna was much like Luke’s to Ellie — a speech about how incredible she is, how much he enjoyed their experience together and how she’s helped him change his perspective. The pair celebrated their exclusive infatuation with a kiss and a shared excitement to “get out” of the church to their future.

Wes and Brea Reject Each Other

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After the debacle at family visits, Brea and Wesley shared their uncertainty about their pending relationship in talking head interviews. Each of them believed that the other didn’t match their respective efforts to compromise.

Despite his doubts, Wesley poured his emotions out, and asked Brea to be his girlfriend. Unfortunately, it wasn’t really the heartstopping romantic moment she was looking for.

“You make me smile from ear to ear, but that’s not enough for me right now,” Brea said. “I’m not closing the door, in fact it’s wide open.”

But Wesley said, “For my own sake, I’m closing the door.”

And that’s that! “The Bachelors Australia”‘s 11th season has officially come to an end. Network 10 has confirmed that Ben and Mckenna have since gone their separate ways while Wes and Brea are continuing their journey to forever — just not with each other.

As for lovebirds Luke and Ellie, the pair’s relationship has extended beyond the “Bachelors” mansion and Melbourne’s picturesque backdrop into the ‘real world’. We crossing our fingers for another Bachie wedding very soon.

Need catch up on “The Bachelors Australia” finale? Check it out on 10 Play.

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