Everyone’s Been a Carmy — and Claire in a Breakup

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FYI — this article may contain spoilers for FX’s The Bear Season 3. Read with caution!

Breakups are never easy, and FX’s The Bear showcases this beautifully through the tumultuous relationship between Carmy (Jeremy Allen White) and Claire (Molly Gordon). Now that we’ve finally got some insight on the aftermath of Carmy’s foot-in-mouth moment in the walk-in, let’s dive into why their breakup hits so close to home.

The Hopeless (and Sometimes Helpless) Romantic

From the moment we meet Claire, it’s clear she’s all in. Her character embodies the relentless optimist in all of us who believes love can conquer all. Claire wants so badly to make things work, pouring her entire heart into the relationship. She’s the type who initiates the sweet gestures, makes the late-night calls, and never stops trying to understand Carmy’s complex world. Claire represents the part of us that believes if we just try hard enough, we can fix what’s broken and make the other person see how good things could be.

The Anxious Avoidant

Carmy, on the other hand, is the quintessential example of someone fighting their own inner battles while trying to maintain a relationship. From the start, he’s uncertain, grappling with his fears and insecurities. He’s the partner who wants to be present but is constantly distracted by the noise in his head. Carmy’s struggle is real and raw, representing the part of us that pushes people away because we’re too scared to let them in. His journey is a painful reminder that sometimes, no matter how much we care, our personal demons can sabotage our chances at happiness.

The Breakup

Season 2’s heartbreaking moment through the freezer door is a turning point that many viewers found all too relatable. Claire overhears Carmy voicing his deepest fears and doubts, effectively setting fire to their relationship. This scene is a powerful illustration of how our unspoken anxieties and unresolved issues can implode even the strongest bonds. Claire hears the uncertainty in Carmy’s voice, the hesitance that’s been there all along, and realises that love alone isn’t enough to keep them together.

The Aftermath

In Season 3, the tension between Carmy and Claire remains palpable. Despite encouragement from the restaurant staff to reach out and make things right, Carmy’s hesitation continues. He still hasn’t reached out to Claire, a decision that speaks volumes about his inner turmoil.

The season ends without any kind of closure — with the Fak brothers paying Claire a visit at the hospital where she works as a nurse to tell her Carmy loves her, despite his inability to tell her himself. You can see disappointment in her eyes, and how little the action does to convince her seeing as it’s not Carmy himself putting himself out there.

Meanwhile, Carmy looks at his phone, staring at Claire’s contact, and because he can’t bring himself to call, he apologises to his screen. His obvious turmoil is a heart-wrenching reminder of how fear and self-doubt can paralyse us, keeping us from living the life we deserve with the ones we love.

The Future

Whether you identify more with Claire, desperately trying to make things work and believing in the potential of the relationship or Carmy, struggling with our own issues, unintentionally hurting the ones we care about — it’s clear that FX’s The Bear captures the duality of these roles in a way that resonates deeply.

After season 3, the fate of Carmy and Claire and whether they’ll find their way back to each other, or their paths diverge for good is still unclear, and we’re dying to know if he’ll ever make the call. Time will tell, but one thing’s for sure — FX’s The Bear will continue to deliver the raw, emotional storytelling that has made it a standout show.

All episodes of FX’s The Bear season 1-3 are now available to stream on Disney+.

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