Ready for The Bear Season 3? These Details Will Have You Saying ‘Yes, Chef!’


Get your knives ready: The Bear season 3 is finally here.

Season two premiered on Disney+ back in June with 10 high-octane episodes. The second season ends with the titular restaurant on the brink of its official opening, and while the food is amazing, the people who work at The Bear still have a lot of issues to work out.

And as for what the new season will hold, we do have some clues. Creator Christopher Storer spoke to Esquire about the new season in an interview published on June 23. While discussing season two’s Christmas episode (done entirely in flashback), he revealed some plans for season three. Ayo Edebiri, whose character Sydney wasn’t in the episode, was with Storer and the crew behind the camera instead of in front of it while they were filming said episode. The creator told Esquire, “It was also great having Ayo on set with me that week — she’s going to direct a few episodes next year so she was an important set of fresh eyes.”

Ahead, find out everything else we know about The Bear season three.

The Bear Season 3 Cast

The cast of The Bear is led by Edebiri as Sydney, Jeremy Allen White as Carmy, and Ebon Moss-Bachrach as Richie (often referred to as Cousin). Abby Elliott plays Carmy’s sister Natalie (aka Sugar), who starts helping them run the restaurant in season two. Lionel Boyce stars as Marcus, The Bear’s pastry chef, and in season two Liza Colón-Zayas’s Tina becomes the restaurant’s sous chef. Real-life chef Matty Matheson plays handyman Neil Fak and Edwin Lee Gibson plays Ebra. The cast also includes veteran character actor Oliver Platt as Uncle Jimmy Cicero and Chris Witaske as Natalie’s husband, Pete. Jon Bernthal also appears in flashbacks as Carmy and Natalie’s late brother Michael.

Additionally, season two introduces Molly Gordon as Carmy’s childhood friend-turned-love interest, though it’s not clear if she’ll return for season three. Oscar winner Jamie Lee Curtis also guest-stars in season two as Carmy’s mom, Donna, and she could return in future episodes. Plus, season two features quite a few cameos of folks from the real Chicago restaurant world, so it’s possible that season three could feature even more.

The Bear Season 3 Plot

Season two ends with the successful friends and family launch of The Bear — even if things really don’t go according to plan. Though Sydney is glad to have the support of her dad, she still has a lot of anxiety (and spends the end of the episode vomiting outside). And Carmy gets stuck in the walk-in fridge and has a panic attack on the floor, trying to figure out how to balance being happy with running a restaurant. His monologue is overheard by his girlfriend Claire, who breaks up with him and departs in tears. Carmy and Richie also get into a fight, and Carmy and Natalie’s mom seems to turn her back on her kids forever. Plus, the last episode also teases that something has happened to Marcus’s sick mom while he was crushing it at The Bear.

When the show returns for season three, viewers can expect to see the resolution of at least some of these plots as The Bear fully opens to the public, and the chefs and crew figure out how to balance their outside lives with work life in the kitchen.

When Is The Bear Season 3 Coming Out?

All 10 episodes of The Bear season three drops on Disney+ from Thursday, June 27.

The Bear Season 3 Trailer

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