“The Blackening” Cast: Who’s Single and Who’s Taken?

Getty / Jamie McCarthy

One of the most offensive tropes in horror movies is that the Black characters die first. Tim Story’s upcoming horror comedy, “The Blackening,” sets out to find out what happens when all the characters are Black. “We can’t all die first,” the film’s tagline reads. The movie, which hits theaters on June 16, focuses on a group of Black friends staying at a remote cabin in the woods who are targeted by a masked killer on Juneteenth weekend. In order to stay alive, the group must play a game called “The Blackening” that makes them question their own and each other’s Blackness. As part of their first task, the group must sacrifice who they think is the “Blackest,” which leads to chaos as the friends argue over who’s deserving of the title.

The premise of the film was based on a 2018 short film of the same name by 3Peat. In a 2022 interview with Collider, Dewayne Perkins (who cowrote both the theatrical and short film) said he hopes “The Blackening” will help viewers break down familiar character tropes. “The goal of the movie is to constantly break down your assumptions of these characters by constantly forcing depth,” he told the publication. Story reiterated this statement in an April press release by saying, “This film really shows that Black people are not a monolith – there are so many different things that define us, but also bring us together.”

“The Blackening” is made up of a star-studded cast, including Grace Byers, Jermaine Fowler, Melvin Gregg, X Mayo, Antoinette Robertson, Sinqua Walls, Jay Pharoah, and Yvonne Orji. If you love them as much as we do, then scroll through the slideshow to learn all about their love lives.

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