All of the Room Reveals from the First Episode of The Block 2021: Fans vs Faves

Channel 9

The Block Fans v Faves premiered on Sunday night, and it’s taking place in a traditional Australian cul-de-sac in the Melbourne suburb of Hampton.

Returning contestants will go head-to-head with newbies, in the bid to win the grand prize.

In the first episode of the series, three Fans teams were given the challenge to build their own bedroom in 48 hours.

The winner gets to choose the house that they will be renovating.

This is how it went.

Kirsty and Jesse

Channel 9
Channel 9
Channel 9

Despite butting heads with Josh and Luke after their builder was caught painting, Kirsty and Jesse ended up finishing the challenge.

The judges loved their room, praising their execution.

“There’s a level of sophistication here that I’m surprised to see on day one of the competition,” Neale Whittaker said.

“It feels fresh and modern,” he added.

Darren Palmer, on the other hand, thought the painting was below average.

“The painting is horrible. It’s dreadful,” he said.

Josh and Luke

Channel 9
Channel 9

They made their TV debut on Love Island Australia, but now, Josh and Luke are dipping their hands into home renovation on The Block.

The pair found it challenging to stick to the $5000 budget and were forced to purchase styling items from op shops.

The majority of the money was blown on a large window for the room, and while it impressed judges, they questioned why the twins didn’t include blinds.

The judges also found elements of the room “tacky”, referring to the LED strip lights on the ceiling and the flat-pack wardrobe.

“There’s lots to like [in here]… and then there’s that,” Palmer said, referring to the wardrobe. “It looks dirty and a bit gross.”

Whittaker, on the other hand, loved it.

“I feel like they’re presenting me with a little snapshot of things they like,” he said. “The bones of what they’ve given me I really like.”

Tanya and Vito

Channel 9
Channel 9

Tanya and Vito chose an eclectic aesthetic for their bedroom, opting for bright colours and quirky decor.

But unfortunately, the judges weren’t impressed.

“I am struggling to see anything I like in here. I hate that dressing table. It’s horrible. It’s not grabbing me,” said Whittaker.

“It’s over-styled,” agreed Shaynna Blaze. “[They] clearly have their own individual style, but you’re in a real estate competition.” 

In the end, Kirsty and Jesse won the challenge and were the first to choose the home they will renovate.

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