“Put Your Hand Up”: The Block’s Trans Casting Director Wants to See More Diversity On Screen

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The casting director for The Block has come forward to say that he hopes for more diversity among the contestants on next year’s season.

Lucky Price, a proud transgender man, is calling out to Australian minorities to apply for The Block: Tree Change.

“It’s something that has been at the forefront of my mind with all the casting I do, not just for The Block.” he told TV Tonight.

“I’m a trans man and I say that just to exemplify my experience. I don’t see a lot of people like myself on television.”

Representation on the small screen is an important topic for Lucky, one that he’s incredibly passionate about.

He has selected each Blockhead on the show since 2010, and has worked on Guides, Big Brother and Mastermind, but Lucky said that he has yet to come across a trans individual who has applied for The Block.

“The first and most important thing is I just want more people to put their hands up, if you don’t see yourself on the television, you’ve got to put your hand up to be a part of it,” he said.

Network television is often criticised for its lack of diversity, with many believing Australia’s television shows do not reflect the entire population of the country. 

“It is incredibly frustrating that we haven’t seen more diversity, not just on The Block but on Australian TV full stop. If you see don’t see yourself on the television, you just don’t think there’s a place for you,” he said.

But there is some good news. Since the 2019 season of the renovation reality show, which featured Indigenous comedian Andy and his wife Deb, Lucky has seen an influx in Aboriginal applicants.

However, he still believes there is more work to be done.

“I think the television industry in Australia can be better. I think executives can be better. I think casting directors can be better. I think people in the community can be better at putting their hands up. Everyone bears a responsibility,” he said.

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