The Block Goes Regional — Here’s What You Need to Know About the Show’s Filming Location

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The Block has returned, and this year, the contestants are taking their hard hats to regional Victoria.

This year’s season is filled with firsts, and the filming location is one of them. 

In previous years, the Blockheads took on properties in the suburbs of Melbourne, but this time around, they’re headed to Gisborne, Victoria.

The quaint country town is known for its lush green landscapes and wineries.

Speaking to Kyle and Jackie O, host Scott Cam addressed the move.

“Well we bought 70 acres and then we gave the contestants 10 acres each. And we brought some old houses in,” he said, adding that they kept 20 acres as “common ground”.

“And then we brought the old houses in and built new pavilions out the back for them as well. So they ended up being massive five-bedroom homes.”

Fellow host Shelley Craft also spoke about the new location on Jordy Lucas’ It’s All Her podcast.

“I think it’s really timely … that tree change idea, having had lockdowns for two years and I know the last few series we made a really conscious effort for the houses to be COVID-ready I suppose; home offices, retreats, wellness areas, breakout spaces,” she said.

“This year to go that next level of ‘Well if I can work from home or do a few days in the city and a few days out further, I need space, I need fresh air, I want more quality time with my family not spending hours in the car driving across the city’. I think we’ve seen a huge change in the way people want to live.”

While the move sounds like pure bliss, it has dealt with its fair share of challenges.

For one, the show faced a shortage of building materials and construction workers, threatening the completion of homes within the production schedule.

The Blockheads have plenty of land to work with on this year’s season of The Block: Tree Change, so only time will tell on what they do with it.

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