Did Someone Say Drama? The Block: Fans vs Faves Is Hit With an Explosive Cheating Scandal

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The Block isn’t exactly known for explosive drama, but every once in a while, a huge scandal rocks the show like never before.

On Sunday night, contestants Ronnie and Georgia accused brothers Luke and Josh of cheating.

After the Love Island Australia stars won the master bedroom challenge, the couple did not take their loss lightly, saying the two are in possession of a very important photo.

“Guess it helps to cheat,” said Ronnie. “I mean it’s amazing that they know the full schedule, what rooms are coming up, and they know what challenge days are coming up. So, I guess it helps to cheat.”

It was then the producer of the show interjected, asking Ronnie, “do you think they found out some way?”

“They’ve known from day one,” said Ronnie adamantly. “I know for a fact.”

Host Scott Cam spoke to Who and addressed the accusations ahead of the next episode.

“I was very shocked and disappointed, and I was angry to be quite frank with you,” said Scott.

“This scandal made it very unfair for everyone. It also affected something I love very much, and that is the build of The Block, the show I host. It affected the integrity of it, and I think jeopardised this season.”

The drama unfolds on Monday night’s episode, with the contestants butting heads with one another. 

“I have never seen anything like this with any of the TV shows I’ve worked on over the years,” Scott admitted. “We had to have some serious production meetings to establish a way to move forward.”

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