“Totally Inaccurate”: The Block’s Luke and Josh Accuse the Show of Fabricating Stories

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The Block has been hit with allegations from two of their own contestants, Luke and Josh.

On Sunday night’s episode, the pair were shown to disappear off sight for a night of drinking, but now, the two have stated it was “totally inaccurate”.

During the episode, the brothers were reprimanded by foreman Keith and were told to “rest off the alcohol”.

They disappeared from the renovation site on a Friday evening and came back at 10am the next day.

After taking a breathalyser test, they both registered above 0.00 with Luke blowing 0.035 and Josh resulting in 0.017.

Speaking to news.com.au, Luke claimed the storyline was fabricated by producers after a faulty reading.

“That’s the funny thing, we didn’t even need to sit it out at all,” said Luke.

“That breathalyser, we blew in it about 10 times, it was just a cheap deal and it never actually showed a proper reading. Sometimes it would show zero, sometimes it would show another number, it was so inaccurate,” he explained.

“One of the producers ended up saying to Keith and Dan ‘Oh, it’s not working, so just tell the boys to sit out for a couple of hours because they’ve blown over’ which never happened.”

But shortly after their statement, executive producer and co-creator of The Block Julian Cress spoke out.

“For a start, we never fake anything on The Block. We don’t need to when we’ve got contestants like Josh and Luke wandering around,” he told news.com.au

“Crazy stuff just seems to happen with those two. But for clarity, we’re TV producers, not mechanical engineers, so faking a breathalyser is way beyond our skill set. But if someone can show us how …”

This is the second rule Luke and Josh have broken since the start of the show.

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