“He’s the Liar”: The Challenge’s Audrey on the Cheating Scandal, Her Boyfriend and Ciarran Stott

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If you’ve been tuning in to The Challenge, you’ll be well aware of the absolutely insane cheating scandal that took place in the first episode.

To recap, contestants Ciarran Stott and Audrey Kanongara jumped into a shower together despite both being in a relationship with someone else outside of the show. It was scandalous, and raunchy, and viewers at home were stunned as to what the heck had happened.

Now, Audrey is speaking out, telling POPSUGAR Australia what really went down before, during and after the incident.

The former Love Island Australia contestant was devastated after what had happened, saying she advised her boyfriend not to watch it.

“He knew it was coming because we had spoken about it, but he didn’t watch it,” Audrey says.

“I even told him it’s for the best if he doesn’t watch it because why re-live it? At the end of the day, however, I don’t know what he does on his phone, so he could be watching it for all I know.”

Since the scene aired, a lot has happened. For one, Ciarran’s girlfriend, Ruby Burciaga, released a statement on Instagram, admitting it’s been “incredibly tough”.

“I just wanted to thank everyone for your messages and support the last few days,’ she wrote.

“It’s been an incredibly tough couple of months and not something I ever imagined I’d go through, especially so publicly. So grateful for each and every one of you.”

On Monday night’s episode, Audrey said the shower was “innocent”, while Ciarran admitted to having “fooled around”.

However, Audrey told us things are not as they seem, blaming producers for editing her words to make it sound like she was playing it off.

“When I said it was ‘innocent’, there were a hundred other words said after that. They cut it at the perfect time. What I really said was that it was innocent at the beginning,” she explained.

“I had to use his shower because it was 3:30 in the morning; we were all drunk and thought, let’s just shower and get to bed because you never know when a challenge would creep up on you. 

“So, we’re heading to bed, and I asked Ciarran if I could use his shower because his room is next to mine. Everyone in the house, even the producers, knew the shower in my room took 10 minutes to get hot. They said it was a plumbing issue that couldn’t be fixed at the time. 

“So, it truly was innocent at the beginning, but then he got into the shower with me, and I thought, ‘oh, hey’.”

Frustrated at what had transpired afterward, the eliminated contestant hopes to set the record straight — especially after Ciarran gave his own version of events to the media.

“I feel like the way they strategically put things together to say ‘it was innocent!’ and then Ciarran saying, ‘we fooled around’ — it makes me look like the liar, but he’s the liar,” she claimed.

“I think one thing that really frustrated me was seeing an article where Ciarran said, ‘I tried to stop the rendezvous before it happened’. And he didn’t; he didn’t try to stop it until we got to the end. Let’s not lie, there are cameras everywhere.”

Everyone knows reality TV is heavily manipulated, and it seems this time, the edit has worked against Audrey.

However, she takes full responsibility for the hook-up, especially after seeing how it affected her boyfriend.

“I regret what I did 100%. For me to get in there and get off my game and waste my time with a stranger, I angered myself in that sense. I really let myself down. 

“I obviously let other people and my partner down, but I definitely let myself down because I didn’t think I was capable of going to such extremities for a stranger.”

Despite the edit making it seem as if Audrey was nonchalant about the entire thing, she says it was the complete opposite.

“So much didn’t get aired! In my situation, I was very apologetic, I cried too. But none of that got aired,” she says.

“So much goes on behind the scenes that viewers don’t really see. What you saw is predominantly what happened, but there just isn’t any context given.”

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