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What first comes to your mind when you think of Sylvester Stallone? Is it bulging muscles? The stern looks? That voice? “ADRIAN?!” Regardless of what comes to mind, I’m guessing that ‘reality TV star’ isn’t it. But, with Sly’s new venture — “The Family Stallone” — that’s all about to change.

Coming to Paramount+ on Thursday, May 18, “The Family Stallone” sees the man behind Rocky and Rambo take charge as the family man on camera for the first time. But, the show is by no means a one-man show. His wife, Jennifer, and three daughters, Sophia, Sistine and Scarlet, make up this ensemble, and their stories are each following vastly different paths.

But, before “The Family Stallone” hits Paramount+, take the time to get to know each member. Where are they at in their life? And what challenges will they face now they’ve been thrown into the ring of reality television?

Sylvester Stallone

We all know Sylvester Stallone’s storied career — “Rocky”, “Rambo”, “Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over” (my personal favourite). While he’s still churning out blockbuster movies and thrilling television series like “Tulsa King” and streaming on Paramount+, “The Family Stallone” gives you an intimate look at Stallone as a father.

We can see in the trailer that he’s approaching everything with love and humour, but still imparts sage wisdom and guidance to his three daughters who are trying to figure out their 20s. It’s life imitating art, folks, as we see Rocky come to life reminding his children to just roll with the punches.

With a celebrity of his status, you can be sure that Sly will turn to his famous friends for advice, and we mean famous. Al Pacino makes an appearance on “The Family Stallone”, in case you needed any other reason to tune in.

Jennifer Flavin

Jennifer and Sly have been married for over 25 years (!) and, though they’ve had their ups and downs, the couple are still going strong. But, let it be known, Jennifer is the queen of this castle and she will be respected as such!

It seems it’s in Flavin’s nature to be helpful and giving. While she’s no longer a model or actress, her skincare range, Serious Skincare, is booming, with a focus on creating products that work for women of all ages and skin types. And, when she’s not helming that business, she’s busy with her philanthropy, working with several different charities.

Loving and caring is exactly how we see Flavin in “The Family Stallone” — being there for her husband and daughters, acknowledging their frankly unorthodox lives but noting that love keeps them strong. Just a little bit of wholesomeness in your new reality TV obsession, as a treat.

Sophia Stallone

The first thing you’ll learn about Sophia, the eldest daughter, is that she’s a multi-talented individual. How could she not be with parents like hers? With her massive following of over 2 million on Instagram, she has established herself as a popular content creator. But she doesn’t stop there. She also manages a book club called “Favorite Book Club” and hosts the “Unwaxed” podcast with her sister Sistine.

However, despite her many accomplishments and super busy lifestyle, Sophia finds herself with a challenge all too familiar to some of us in our 20s — where does she go from here? Has she chosen the right path? Where should she put her focus?

Sophia’s the “heart” of the Stallone clan, and being the eldest might mean she’s kept herself busy helping her younger sisters. Let’s hope she finds time to see what she truly wants out of life on “The Family Stallone”.

Sistine Stallone

Sistine Stallone, 24, is a force to be reckoned with. With a resume that already boasts an impressive modelling career and a budding acting career, she has truly beat all middle child syndrome allegations. She’s already been signed to the highly coveted IMG modelling agency, walked Chanel runways and has even made her film debut in the thrilling 2019 film “47 Meters Down: Uncaged.” No wonder why they call her the “risk taker” — nothing seems out of her reach. If she wants it, she’ll go for it.

Take her next endeavour as proof: developing her first feature film. With ambition and wit (we know she isn’t afraid of poking fun at Sly), Sistine is gonna bring the boss b*tch energy every reality show needs.

Scarlet Stallone

Sistine might’ve taken to working BTS, but youngest sister Scarlet is taking centre stage. With a dad like theirs, it was pretty much destiny that one of the Stallone daughters would take those acting genes and run with them. Scarlet knew she wanted to be an actress since she was a kid, and now her dream’s coming true. In fact, she gets to do it alongside her old man on Paramount+‘s “Tulsa King”.

“The Family Stallone” shows Scarlet’s headfirst dive into her first big TV role, along with the trials and tribulations of being a new actor. Luckily she has one of the best to ever do it as her mentor.

The Family Stallone” is available to stream on Paramount+ from Thursday, May 18. Sign up for your free 7-day trial here.

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