Is Sylvester Stallone the Next Kris Jenner?

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Look, Kris Jenner and Sylvester Stallone might not be the most intuitive comparison to make when talking about career paths. One is an Oscar-nominated, action-movie hero beloved by generations, the other is a trailblazing mogul-in-chief to her many mogul children (six, to be exact). One is instantly recognisable with a trademark pixie cut, and the other is instantly recognisable thanks to that voice. 

But one thing both superstars have in common is that they’re the leader of a family of women who are strong, ambitious and determined. While you already know all about the Kardashians, you might not be as familiar with the Stallones — but you’re about to be.

The Stallone family is set to take centre stage in Paramount+’s new reality series, “The Family Stallone.” Following the lives of Rocky and Rambo himself, along with his wife, Jennifer, and their three daughters, Sophia, Sistine and Scarlet, “The Family Stallone” shows the family of one of Hollywood’s biggest names in a brand new light.

But the similarities between Stallone and Jenner don’t stop there — the movie legend is reality TV royalty in the making, and there are several reasons why “The Family Stallone” could be your new obsession.

Three Daughters, Three Very Different Ambitions

Sophia, Sistine and Scarlet have Hollywood in their veins, obviously. But not unlike Kim, Kourtney and Khloé, these three sisters are all chasing very different career paths, and face very different challenges.

Sophia, the oldest, is the “Heart” of the family, and wears many different hats. On top of being a content creator with over 2 million Instagram followers, she runs a book club — Your Favorite Book Club — as well as the Unwaxed podcast alongside sister Sistine. But, like many of us in our mid-to-late 20s, Sophia is questioning exactly what she wants to do in life and trying to find her focus. Deeply, deeply, deeply relatable content.

Sistine, however, is all guns blazing. Having already enjoyed a successful modelling career, including signing to the prestigious IMG modelling agency and walking runways for Chanel, she turned to her father’s passion of acting, having made her film debut in 2019’s 47 Meters Down: Uncaged, alongside fellow famous daughter Corinne Foxx. Now, she’s working on her next venture: developing her first feature film. Where Sophia isn’t sure what she wants to do, Sistine’s ready to do it all. Oh, and she’s only 24.

Scarlet is the youngest of the three daughters, but never lets her older siblings outshine her. In fact, they bill her as “The Scene Stealer,” so you know she is going to stand out. While Sistine is moving behind the scenes, Scarlet’s taking centre stage and starring alongside her Dad in Paramount+’s hit crime series, “Tulsa King.”

Remember, Mother Knows Best in The Family Stallone

Kris Jenner taught us two things: Mother knows best, and she takes 10%. While we don’t exactly know about how much Jennifer Flavin is profiting from her children’s ventures, we do know that she’s the Queen of the family for a reason. She keeps her children grounded, alongside Sly, and pushes them to strive for their goals.

She’s also completely self-aware. She teases that her family is insane, they know it and they frankly embrace it.

Flavin also has Jenner’s entrepreneurial spirit down, having gone from model to actress to skincare range. On top of all that, she also is deeply involved in several philanthropic causes, so it seems like she actually might just be a superwoman.

Even Sly Stallone Isn’t Safe From a Roasting

Nothing, and I mean nothing, brings siblings together like giving your parents an absolute razzing. Although the public has only seen a tiny snippet of the show, Sophia, Sistine and Scarlet have shown us that they do not fear the wrath of Rocky nor Rambo.

Apparently, the Oscar-nominated legend was the least excited of the five to make a reality show in the first place. But once the cameras started rolling, Sly was always ready to have his good side captured. We see you, Stallone. And his daughters do too, poking fun at him wherever they can. As they should!

Famous Friends Come for the Ride

With a man as legendary and as revered as Stallone leading this show, you know that there’ll be a few famous faces popping up here and there.

While we’re sure some surprises are in store, we do know that Al Pacino — the Al Pacino — will be making an appearance, which should let you know just how famous this family’s friends are. We’re talking industry icons here, folks, and “The Family Stallone” might give you the most candid look you’ve had at these people yet.

The Family Stallone will smash onto Paramount+ on Thursday, May 18. Sign up for your free 7-day trial here.

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