How The Kissing Booth 3 Wraps Up Elle's Story, Including Who She Ends Up With

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The Kissing Booth trilogy has officially come to a close, and we’re feeling extremely emotional about the end of Elle, Lee, and Noah’s story. In the third and final Netflix film, which premiered on Aug. 11, the trio have one last adventure together as they stay at Lee and Noah’s beach home for the summer before heading off to college. After getting accepted to both Harvard University and the University of California, Berkeley, at the end of the second film, Elle decides to break one of her friendship rules with Lee and attend college with Noah at Harvard University. Though Lee is bummed at first, Elle makes up for it by promising to accomplish everything on their summer bucket list from when they were kids. Of course, like all The Kissing Booth movies, there are a few twists and dramatic moments throughout. See how the film plays out as we break down the biggest moments from the ending below.

What School Does Elle Get Into?

After getting into both Berkeley and Harvard, Elle is faced with a tough decision as she must choose between attending college with her best friend Lee or her boyfriend Noah. At the beginning of the film, she decides to attend Harvard with Noah, but it doesn’t take long for her to question her decision, especially when her relationship with Noah gets even more complicated. Following a major fight, Noah and Elle eventually call things off, leaving Elle with another major decision. Instead of choosing between what Noah and Lee want for her, she decides to forge her own path and decides to attend the University of Southern California for video game design.

What Happens in the Flash-Forward?

The end of the film actually jumps forward six years in the future as Elle, Lee, and Rachel reunite at their high school carnival. In the flash-forward, Lee and Rachel have gotten back together and are engaged. Elle also notes that she and Lee stayed close friends throughout college, and after graduation, Lee eventually moved back to LA. As the trio make their way through the carnival, they find themselves back at the Kissing Booth, which students are still putting on. It’s there where Elle reunites with her ex-boyfriend Noah.

Who Does Elle End Up With?

While Elle and Noah break up in the present-day timeline, the flash-forward insinuates that they eventually get back together. At the carnival, they awkwardly catch up and reflect on how much they’ve changed over the past six years. Elle even notes that she owns a motorcycle now, and they make a plan to ride together when he’s in town again. They go separate ways, but Noah eventually turns back to look at Elle, which is a parallel to the first movie when Noah doesn’t turn back to look at Elle when he goes off to college. In the final scene of the film, we see Elle and Noah reunite again as they ride off into the sunset on their motorcycles, which once again parallels the ending of the first film where Elle rides off on Noah’s motorcycle.

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