“So Grateful”: Anastacia Opens Up About Winning The Masked Singer and Her Time as Vampire

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The grand finale of The Masked Singer aired on Tuesday night, and wow, what a great ending! Not only were Dolly and Mullet unmasked to reveal Em Rusciano and Axle Whitehead, but Vampire was crowned the winner.

And who was behind Vampire? It was none other than 2000s ICON Anastacia. Many predicted it, simply because that powerful voice can only belong to one person, but the unveiling was still exciting. The Left Outside Alone singer was thrilled to not only win the competition but to be back on stage performing.

POPSUGAR Australia had the opportunity to speak to the queen herself about her time on the show, and here’s what she had to say.

POPSUGAR Australia: First off, congratulations! How do you feel after winning The Masked Singer?

Anastacia: I’m so grateful to talk about it, I’m very happy to finally be unmasked. That’s been the hard part because the whole winning of it was about 5 seconds and then we were back on a plane. So this big huge situation was never mentioned, and all of a sudden if someone mentioned my name on the show there would be a lot of talk on the internet. I was like “I don’t know”, but I had a couple of my friends say to me, “your fans have been asking me if you were on The Masked Singer” and I’d be like, “what, where?”

Which was really good, because the people that knew I had surgery were like, “there’s no way she did it. She just had surgery, I just talked to her, she’s recovering.” The only way I felt that I could come down was by looking at my timeline and availability. 

PS: How did you come to be on The Masked Singer?

A: Someone called through to my manager asking if I was interested. I was definitely asked before, I’m not sure if it was from Australia, but maybe from England. It was just perfect timing and I felt very positive about how you all were coping with the COVID restrictions and how you were quarantining. I thought to myself, if this would be the one thing I go out and do, then I feel very safe doing it in your country. That was the reason to say yes to it, was to have fun. I didn’t really care about singing my stuff, it was just singing in general. Being around people who just wanted to have fun on stage and sing, the massive production this Masked Singer is, it’s just being part of such a great brand.

PS: You mentioned last night how the pandemic has obviously put a pause on live shows. How did it feel getting back on stage?

A: Yeah! It was bittersweet. It was such a different way [of performing]. But what felt great was getting the song, going in with a vocal coach, kind of going to the studio per se but it wasn’t a studio. Once you put on the outfit, then it becomes a chore, unfortunately, because it’s hard to sing with it. But without it, it was fun! To create and make the song. But once the costume went on it was way more difficult than the creative idea that I had in my head. It’s heavy. 

PS: When you first agreed to come on the show, did you expect to win?

A: No! I had no idea what this show was other than watching it on TV, to be honest with you. I knew what The Masked Singer was, I knew a couple of people that were in it. Didn’t want to reach out to them, couldn’t reach out to them, but also at the same time, I thought if they could do it, I can do it! That was my headspace. 

PS: And finally, is there anything you would like to say now that the show has finished airing?

A: You guys do great television. All the judges, just everybody on the show, I couldn’t have been happier. I couldn’t even say thank you to everybody because I wasn’t supposed to be there! The kind of person I am is I would have known the crew, I would have known their names. There’s so much about what I usually do, that I wasn’t able to do this time. I just have to give a shoutout to everyone who was a part of the show because they were so amazing.

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