The Real Love Boat: Here’s Where You Can Follow the Babin’ Cast on Instagram

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If you love love, if you love dating shows on boats, if you love sexy singles and glam European destinations, then buckle up babes!

Where’s Bachie gone? No one knows. Instead, 10 is giving us a brand new dating show that’s essentially Love Island on a boat, and we’re not mad about it.

With 20 singles ready to mingle about the The Real Love Boat, it seems only fair that we get to give them a good social media stalk first. Because can we even live vicariously through them on this adventure of a lifetime, if we don’t know their IG handles? We think not.

Below are all the contestants that are set to jump on board The Real Love Boat, their Instagrams and what their social media presence reveals about them.


Judging by Jay’s Instagram, he loves the beach lifestyle. Almost all of his photos have a coastal backdrop, whether he’s riding his motorbike, sunning himself on a boat or hanging out at the beach with his daughter.


Judging by his Instagram, Paddy does it all.

He cooks, he sings (songs he writes himself), he models and generally wanders around looking stylish AF.

He might be from Queensland, but he has some serious Melbourne hipster vibes going on.


Ben’s Instagram is more of an educational experience than most. Working as a motivational speaker, his profile is filled with video clips of him talking about different ways to manage stress, practise gratitude and exercise motivation.

There are also a few ab photos, to break things up.


By the looks of her Instagram, Chelsea loves to lounge in stylish activewear, dress up with girlfriends and spend time out in nature.

Also, her eyebrows are perfection. We know she’s a hairdresser, but maybe she does brows too?


Chris’s Instagram is basically just him globe trotting around to some beautiful places and looking very handsome whilst doing so.

We already know that his dream date is a Sydney trip and that he wants someone to travel with, so ladies and gents; what are you waiting for?


Courtney loves a going out pic almost as much as she loves a backyard pool pic.

TBH, she looks babin’ in both.


Like any successful party boy, Dalton doesn’t give much away on IG.

All we know is that he loves some fresh white runners, a nice beach sunset and definitely looks good in a white tee shirt and statement sunnies.


Daniel is funny! His Instagram is a super wholesome combination of funny impressions, outdoor adventuring and hanging out with friends.

He has a really genuine and infectious smile, that makes his Instagram one of the more authentic ones.

He’s also super cute (omg am I forming a crush before The Real Love Boat has even aired!?).


Harley is a twin and he really loves to gym.

That is all.


Jack is one of the older contestants on The Real Love Boat and his travel selfies say it all.

PS – he has a cute British accent.


Jesse is Harley’s twin, and he seems to love the gym slightly less.

He does seem to be into walking his dog and beers with the boys, though.


Josh is adorable. He wears Gucci and drinks real champagne, too. My kinda guy.

His Instagram says that he likes oysters, whiskey and hiking; which honestly seems like a very well-balanced lifestyle.


Katie’s Instagram is super cute and family oriented. She seems to love a floral number and can make a mean Pina Colada.


Keanu has party boy poses, but a super cute baby face.

I’m confused, is he a bad boy or not?


Mikaila is literally a real life mermaid.


Okay, Moana is a bombshell. Many a golden hour picture, many a coy smile, many a cocktail. That’s Moana’s IG in a nutshell and it’s honestly giving.

Also her fashion style is very cute-party-but-natural-and-effortless. Love.


Okay Naomi looks wild and I’m obsessed.

Whether it’s chaotically country dancing, dressing up as Wonder Woman at Comic Con or making an entire video about washing your a** — this girl has layers.

She also takes cute going out pics. I can’t wait to watch her on The Real Love Boat.


Paul loves a pensive selfie.

He also looks like the kind of guy that would be walking and talking with his earbuds in with such dedication, that you’re convinced he’s talking to you. And then when he gets closer, you’d just realise he’s on the phone.

He also wears tight shirts very well and I respect that.


Sally is a boss. She is a single mum and runs her own business and just generally looks really effortlessly chic doing it.

Go Sally.


Okay Sari is a stunning make-up queen.

She looks like she’d be fun to hang out with; never a dull moment.


Tyler’s IG is all zenning out or going out. There’s no in between.

A true mood.

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