“The Summit” Winner Lulu Reveals Humble Plans for Her $90K Prize

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Two-time boxing world champion Lulu emerged victorious in her remarkable journey on “The Summit.” Her unwavering determination and unyielding spirit propelled her to conquer the treacherous challenges alongside Isaac and Brooke.

In the finale, the eliminated Trekkers split the prize money so that Lulu received $90,000, Brooke was given $150,000 and Isaac was awarded $250,000. Aware of the weight of her decisions throughout the competition, she was relieved to find that the Trekkers had still awarded her a substantial amount of cash.

With her well-deserved prize, Lulu reflected on her proudest moment during the journey and shared her plans for the prize money, highlighting the profound impact this experience has had on her life.

Lulu’s Proudest Moment on “The Summit”

Throughout her arduous journey, Lulu’s determination and perseverance shone brightly. However, it was the awe-inspiring King’s Leap that became her proudest moment.

the summit winner lulu
Channel 9

“There was a moment on that rope that I couldn’t feel my arms at all, and I was like ‘Oh my gosh, if I fall now, I’m not going to be able to do this again, and that’s going to be my time on ‘The Summit’, so I have to dig deep, and think about the reasons I’m here, and keep pushing.’ There was no way I was going to let that defeat me,” she told POPSUGAR Australia.

“Watching it back — when you’re doing it, you’re doing it. But seeing yourself overcome something like that, that was a really ‘wow’ moment, to see that.”

How Lulu Plans to Spend Her Prize Money from “The Summit”

While $90,000 may be a substantial sum, Lulu remains focused on her family’s future.

“At the moment, it’s going towards a home, maybe a little trip with them or something,” Lulu said of her plans for the prize money.

“It’s nothing to sneeze at, and I’m so grateful to be able to have that!”

Lulu also spoke about the lessons she learned from the trek, and how it taught her that when she puts her mind and heart into something, she can achieve extraordinary things.

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“That’s something that I recognise — once I’ve done something, like ‘wow, you believed you would do something and you made it come true, and you followed through, and you didn’t doubt yourself’,” she said.

“There’s so many moments where you doubt yourself. For me, talking to Brooke after, I just saw myself getting to the top, and I never had doubts of what people were thinking about me, what people were saying about me, if my name was getting raised to be voted off. I didn’t let that enter my mind.

“So I think the whole thing taught me, or reassured me, that when you put your mind to something, you can really achieve anything, even if they’re quite outrageous things to achieve. It kind of seems to be the story of my life!”

Lulu Hopes Her Journey Will Inspire Her Kids

It was especially special for Lulu to relive the whole experience with her kids by her side. She recalled the moment as “such a thrill and such a joy”.

“My kids are already proud of me for what I’ve done in boxing, but they just think ‘Wow, that’s super cool. You’ve done skateboarding, you’ve done boxing, and now you’ve climbed a mountain on TV’.” she said.

“I really hope it instills in them that there’s nothing crazy that they can’t do, and that if they want to go after something, then go after it, and do it with all of your heart. You never know where you’re gonna end up!”

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