Ready for Deceit and Betrayal? Here’s “The Traitors” 2023 Start Date

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The Traitors” is bound to be jam-packed with excitement, drama, and unexpected twists in 2023. And guess what? Fans of the suspenseful reality show won’t have to wait much longer. We finally have a “The Traitors” 2023 start date.

This season promises to be unlike any other, as a group of 20 cunning players, known as the ‘Faithfuls,’ will step into a mysterious manor with the sole objective of outwitting and outmanoeuvring each other. The ultimate prize at stake is a tantalising pot of up to $250,000 in silver bars, making the game even more enticing and cutthroat.

This season is set to be bigger than ever with the cast including some very familiar faces like “Australian Survivor” All-Star Luke Toki, as well as “Below Deck Mediterranean” and “The Real Love Boat” star Hannah Ferrier, and radio and TV host, cook and author Ash Pollard.

The diverse lineup also includes a former undercover cop, a lawyer, an actor, an ex-federal agent, a professional wrestler, and a clinical psychotherapist. With such a mix of professions and backgrounds, tensions are sure to run high as they attempt to expose the hidden Traitors among them.

Host Rodger Corser will guide the players through this riveting game of deception and betrayal. As the season progresses, the stakes will continue to rise, adding to the suspense and drama.

When Does “The Traitors” 2023 Start?

Get ready to immerse yourself in the gripping world of “The Traitors” and witness the battle of wits, strategy, and betrayal unfold before your eyes. “The Traitors” 2023 premieres Sunday, 13 August at 7.30pm on 10 And 10 Play.

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