The Traitors: Claire Wants to Prove People Wrong

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Imagine Cluedo, but in real life. Sounds like my childhood fantasy, TBH. But for 24 players, this will be their reality; as they participate in Channel 10’s newest game show: The Traitors.

The Traitors sees a group of 24 players, also known as Faithfuls, live together in a grand old hotel where they will need to have their wits about them as they carry out challenges in order to win silver bars, contributing to a prize pool of silver worth up to $250,000.

They’ll also need to figure out which, among them, are actually Traitors.

Stakes are high, because if a Traitor makes it to the end undetected, they get to walk away with the lot. If a Faithful can successfully unmask a Traitor, however, and get rid of them before the final vote, they have the option to take all the prize money or split and share it with their final remaining Faithful.

If anyone is going to be in tune which who is a Traitor or a Faithful, it’s clairvoyant Chloe. She knows her unique skill set is one that can work in her favour in finding out who people really are.

Phew! Okay. So, who are the players competing on The Traitors? One of them is 52-year-old supermarket checkout assistant, Claire, from New South Wales.

Mum of two and a check out operator from Sydney, Claire loves to live her life with laughter and isn’t afraid of a challenge. She’s also studying and finishing her certificate four in community services.

Claire admits she doesn’t like being told she can’t do something and likes to prove she’s more than capable.

People often think that working as a supermarket assistant isn’t a hard job to get, and Claire wants to change the stigma around that.

“I’ve got qualifications up my sleeve and I work in a supermarket because I choose to and it suits me and my family and I love it,” she says in a press statement.

As someone who lives life with honesty and integrity, Claire is excited at the prospect of playing with people in this game.

“I think being a Traitor would be fun because you can manipulate and get the Faithful’s to turn on each other. It sounds horrible but it’s pretty cool. I am not normally able to do this and nobody gets a chance to be like this. In real life, it would be horrendous; but it’s exciting in this game.”

Playing the game for her two daughters, Claire is here to prove no matter what age you are, you should go for it.

“You have to put it into your heart that you can do it, so that’s what I’m going to do. We can all do it once you set yourself a goal.”

Will Claire be able to change people’s minds about her occupation and slay this game? Tune in to The Traitors, premiering on Sunday, October 16 on 10 and 10play to find out.

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