The Traitors: Champion Chess Player Jack Is 10 Steps Ahead of His Fellow Competitors

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If you ever jumped on the Among Us craze a few years back, you need to tune in to Channel 10’s latest reality series, The Traitors.

The competition sees a group of 24 players, known as Faithfuls, live together in a hotel, where they will take part in challenges in the hopes to walk away with $250,000.

They’ll also need to figure out who amongst them are actually Traitors in hiding.

There’s a lot on the line, because if a Traitor manages to make it to the end undetected, they take home the entire amount. However, if a Faithful is able to expose a Traitor and get rid of them before the final vote, they have the option to take all the prize money or share it with their remaining Faithful.

25-year-old Jack is ready to take on the competition, and as a champion chess player, he definitely has the skills and intellect to go far.

Used to thinking moves ahead of his competitors, Jack thinks he has the upper hand. His skills include being able to read people’s body language, something he learnt over his many years of playing chess.

“I don’t like lying in my everyday life, but it’s the type of game where you leave your morals and ethics at the door,” he said.

Despite being gifted with a photographic memory, the Queenslander admits that he’s also “exceptional at forgetting where [his] keys, phone and wallet are.”

Jack is excited to enter the hotel and thinks he truly has what it takes to take home the grand prize.

“This game is a big combination of everything. With my background, I think it would be near impossible for other contestants to have the same level of strategic understanding as me but at the same time, I believe it’s really important to be well-rounded socially and in the challenges. I have to be competitive because this all drives back to my strategic game”.

Will Jack make it through to the end? Tune in to The Traitors, premiering on Sunday, October 16 on 10 and 10play to find out.

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