“We’re Not Happy About It”: The Veronicas Once Again Take Aim at Celebrity Apprentice

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In a TV show full of celebrities, which celebrities do you focus on the most? In the case of Celebrity Apprentice, it appears not all of them — according to The Veronicas.

Following headlines from earlier in the week that they weren’t getting enough airtime, Jess and Lisa Origliasso have now appeared on Fifi, Fev and Nick, angry at how they are being portrayed on the show.

According to the twins, they appeared on the program “to show the heart of who we are, and unfortunately that hasn’t been shown”.

“We had a great time on the show, but the reason we were there has been lost thus far, and we want people to know that we’re not happy about it,” they said.

The Veronicas then took aim at Lord Alan Sugar after the radio hosts said he had never called through for a planned interview on Wednesday morning.

“What I would have to say would be so shocking, I’m really not sure if I should,” Jess admitted before adding: “The lack of respect as a general human being … him not turning up to your [interview] doesn’t surprise us, put it that way. It’s not really surprising behaviour.”

She continued: “What we respect in people that have money, status, power is essential that it’s a privileged position. With that privileged position should come a certain amount of grace and a humble attitude. It’s disappointing when that’s not displayed by someone that’s in such a hugely privileged position.”

On May 26, Jess and Lisa took to Twitter to take aim at the Channel 9 show, citing that they were not getting enough airtime.

@CelebApprentice , why are you not airing any of our wins & strategy for each task, only using the scripted drama you GAVE us as the only airtime /promo?” the twins wrote on their official account. “Where’s all the footage where we pull through for our team /and for our charity? Why is all of that being edited out?” the tweet read.

While we’re not 100% sure what went down on set, it seems pretty normal for a show to do a bit of editing, considering there are so many amazing storylines to choose from.

In an interview with The Latch, one of the show’s business advisors, Janine Allis, revealed that there was actually a beautiful storyline featuring the ARIA award winners coming up.

“We had a beautiful moment with The Veronicas because their mum is really sick,” Allis told The Latch before the season premiere.

“Sometimes it’s just listening to them and going, ‘that is really sh*t. That is just horrible.’ And then just giving them the time to tell me about their beautiful mother and how divine she is.”

Even though we haven’t heard yet, according to Allis, Ross Noble will also tell an incredible story.

“I also have admiration for Ross Noble who has this incredible story about where he lives. There were massive fires and deaths and that part of what his charity, The Red Cross, is all about. Raising money for those people that really needed help during the fires. They all have their various reasons for being there and it’s very real for them.”

Celebrity Apprentice Australia will air on Channel Nine and 9Now from Sunday to Tuesday.

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