Inside “Gothic Summer”: The Veronicas’ Unexpected Sixth Album


As Aussie icons, The Veronicas have been the quintessential sound of many pivotal moments in Australian life. From the anthemic “4ever” to the hauntingly beautiful “In My Blood”, the Origliasso sisters have consistently delivered tracks that resonate deeply with their audience.

Now, on the brink of their latest musical venture, “Gothic Summer”, dropping on March 22, anticipation is soaring. Before the album’s release, POPSUGAR Australia spoke with Jessica and Lisa over Zoom to delve into the heart of their inspiration behind the album and uncover why it stands as their most intimate and personal work to date.

The Birth of “Gothic Summer”

For Jess and Lisa, the journey to “Gothic Summer” began with a burst of spontaneity and creativity. Reflecting on the album’s genesis, Jess reminisced, “It was such an interesting start to ‘Gothic Summer’ because it was completely spontaneous. We didn’t plan on going to even work that day.”

What transpired was pure magic, with the sisters crafting tracks like “Perfect” and “Invisible”, with legendary Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker joining them in the studio.

“Next minute Travis Barker walks in and listens to the songs and loves them, puts down drums for those two tracks,” Jess recalled. “And I think at that point it was just so much fun. It was super easy, it felt cathartic, and we were like, ‘Let’s keep going. Let’s see what we can do here’.”

Lisa added, “I think getting to work with John Feldmann [producer]… he naturally draws out more of that guitar-driven, pop-punk, pop-rock sound being a bit of the king of that himself. So definitely those roots within us were definitely drawn out working with him initially for that sound.”

Embracing Diverse Influences

But what sets “Gothic Summer” apart from The Veronicas’ previous work is its eclectic blend of influences and genres. Drawing inspiration from their Australian roots, as well as disco dance and funk bass, the album embodies a fusion of sounds that is both daring and irresistible.

“A lot of the influence was music that we grew up with,” Jess explained. “So ‘Jungle’ was very much influenced by our Australian roots and our parents. And then also just disco dance. We haven’t done it before. We love funk bass, we love Sly and the Family Stone.”

For Lisa, the energy of their live performances played a significant role in shaping the album’s direction. Their ability to captivate audiences across a spectrum of festivals — from heavy metal to EDM — inspired a sense of creative freedom that permeates “Gothic Summer”.

“Our live shows also have greatly influenced the energy behind this record as well,” Lisa shared. “We started to realise that the music and the songs have reached quite far and wide. And I think that also set such a freeing mindset for the trajectory of ‘Gothic Summer’.”

Inside the Tracks: Dissecting “Detox” and “Perfect”

As mentioned, The Veronicas have long been known for their unique blend of pop-rock, but with their latest album, “Gothic Summer”, the Aussie duo takes a bold leap into their most personal and introspective territory yet. The album’s lead singles, “Perfect” and “Detox”, serve as poignant reflections of the sisters’ inner struggles and the societal pressures they’ve faced throughout their careers.

The Power of “Detox”

Speaking about the meaning behind “Detox”, Lisa said that it’s a raw anthem about shedding toxic relationships and negative self-perceptions. The song’s punk rock vibe really nails that feeling of just letting it all out.

“It’s like going through a detox – shedding and purging,” Lisa explained. “That moment before you release, where you just gotta let out that scream and dive headfirst into letting go of what’s holding you back.”

Reflecting on “Perfect”


Meanwhile, “Perfect” serves as a timely commentary on the pressures of perfection perpetuated by social media and societal expectations. In an era where every aspect of life is meticulously curated for public consumption, the song reflects on the challenges of maintaining authenticity in the face of relentless scrutiny.

“I feel like it’s a timely commentary on where things feel like they’re at,” Jess reflects. “With the rise of social media, we’re presented with a lot more alternative perspectives and alternative standards of things that were never pushed in mainstream media.”

Lisa added: “And even though it’s great to understand what’s cool, what’s trendy right now, what’s fashionable… You’re a master of your own design, and that’s the most important thing to remember… If it doesn’t feel good to you, then don’t do it.”

Get ready, because The Veronicas are about to take us on their most personal journey yet with “Gothic Summer”. From raw anthems like “Detox” to heartfelt reflections in “Perfect”, this album is like peeking into the souls of Jess and Lisa Origliasso. As we eagerly count down the days until its release on March 22, it’s clear that we’re in for something truly special.

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