Naomi Watts Says “The Watcher”‘s Central Mystery Remains Unsolved Heading Into Season 2

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Keep those eyes open, thriller fans: a second season of Netflix’s popular true-crime, horror-mystery series “The Watcher” is coming. That doesn’t mean that fans will get answers anytime soon, though.

Based on a true story, the first season of “The Watcher” follows the Brannock family, who move into their dream home in the New Jersey suburbs. Almost immediately, they start receiving anonymous threatening letters from someone obsessed with the house who identifies themselves only as The Watcher. As the Brannocks have startling encounters in their home and with their new neighbors (who also keep a disturbingly close eye on the house), Dean (Bobby Cannavale) and Nora (Naomi Watts) Brannock’s unease quickly turns to terror.

The show’s central mystery – the identity of the Watcher – isn’t revealed in the first season, and it turns out that even the main cast is completely in the dark going into the second. “We didn’t know, and we still don’t know,” Watts told Entertainment Weekly on April 19. “I loved that. I loved not knowing. I think that we knew the story and that was unresolved, and I liked how this couple – who started off in a great place, seemed to be enjoying life and reaching their dreams and still having sex, everything is peachy – become unraveled by this situation and turn on each other. They tried first to attack the problem together very much as a united front, but they turn on each other. That’s good drama.”

Variety originally broke the news about the impending second season of Ryan Murphy’s hit in November 2022. For fans, who also can’t let go of the mystery, we have everything there is to know about the second season of “The Watcher.”

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