What Will Happen on Season 2 of The Wilds? Here Are Our Top 10 Theories

Everett Collection / Amazon/Courtesy Everett Collection

With plot twists and a cliffhanger ending, the season finale of Amazon Prime Video’s The Wilds left us groaning in frustration and anticipation. We’re left with so many questions and guesses about what’s to come. We’re not alone in all of our questions, either – even the cast hardly knew what was to come while filming!

We worry about what happened to Nora, though not all of our theories about what happened to her are negative. And seeing the Twilight of Adam occurring while Shelby goes into anaphylactic shock was almost too much to handle, especially given it happened in the last moments of season one.

Thankfully, The Wilds will have a second season, which will hopefully answer some of our questions. However, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about what storylines and answers season two will hold. After lots of thinking, here are my theories and questions I want answered.

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