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Timothée Chalamet Was Starstruck Meeting Emma Watson

Timothée Chalamet Got Starstruck Meeting Emma Watson: "It Was a Weird Moment"

Timothée Chalamet visited Late Night With Seth Meyers on Thursday evening to chat about his upcoming projects. Aside from being a pure, sweet soul like usual, he also spoke about his upcoming projects — from his bowl cut in The King to the first time he met Emma Watson. The pair star alongside one another in the Little Women remake, which is set to premiere on Christmas Day, but that's not what had us chuckling.

Apparently, Oscar-nominated director Greta Gerwig is known for ensuring everyone on set feels very comfortable with one another. So, she suggested Chalamet, Watson, and Saoirse Ronan shed their "shields of defence, of insecurity" by practicing their dancing scene for the film ahead of time.

There was just one problem, Chalamet said. He grew up watching the Harry Potter movies, so naturally, he was incredibly starstruck by being in such close proximity with Emma Watson, who, of course, played Hermione Granger. But don't worry, he joked that he got through it . . . with "lots of therapy." Watch the sweet interview above, then catch up on everything we know about Little Women before it drops on Dec. 25.

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