This Week on POPSUGAR Rush: Why Have We All Lost It Over Timothée and Kylie?

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Imagine being at the Renaissance tour. Imagine getting the chance to witness Beyoncé perform live. Now, imagine squandering that chance by spending it making out. This, my friends, is what we should be up in arms about. The gall. The rudeness. The, dare I say, blasphemy. We used to be a society, etc. However, the internet is instead irate and distressed over the fact that Timothée Chalamet and Kylie Jenner have seemingly confirmed their relationship.

People, the famous included, hook up all the time, so why is there such a fuss about this one in particular? Neither of these people is overwhelmingly problematic. It’s been a longstanding rumour that they’re together. There’s not even two years between them which, by Hollywood’s standards, is unbelievable.

Yet and still, we’re seeing posts like the below — discussed on this week’s episode of POPSUGAR Rush — that truly had both Starr and me spiralling with no hopes of escape.

When Will Timothée Chalamet Fans Leave Kylie Jenner Alone?

Off the back of our conversation on the podcast last week, Starr and I are both firmly in the camp of loving celebrities who don’t try and pretend they’re not famous. But this onus doesn’t rest purely with the celebrities — fans really need to get it together.

Parasocial relationships — a true curse of social media — has meant that some fans feel entitled to be clued in on decisions celebrities make in their personal lives. Being legitimately upset that Timothée Chalamet is dating Kylie Jenner is so supremely bizarre — these people don’t care about your choices! In fact, these people don’t even know you exist.

However, getting upset at everyone else’s business is the name of the game over at the Oppenheim Group’s branch in Orange County, where Selling The OC is based. Season 2 of this absolutely wild reality series just dropped, and I ate it all up. Starr watched the show for the first time, and I, an unashamed diehard fan, could not wait to pry every last thought she had about it on the podcast.

What else did we talk about on this week’s episode of POPSUGAR Rush? The mess around Jimmy Fallon, the glory that will be Love Island’s new all-stars format and, of course, Olivia Rodrigo.

Listen to the latest episode above, or via Apple Podcasts, Amazon, iHeart and Google Podcasts.


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