No, Tom Bateman Isn’t Related to Jason Bateman, but He Does Have 13 Siblings

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Since appearing in the Starz series “Da Vinci’s Demons,” British actor Tom Bateman has generated a lot of buzz in the world of film and television. Tom notably shared the screen with Amy Schumer in 2017’s “Snatched” and starred alongside Willem Dafoe, Penélope Cruz, and Johnny Depp in Ridley Scott”s “Murder on the Orient Express.” Most recently, he can be seen in Peacock’s comedy-thriller series “Based on a True Story” with Kaley Cuoco and Chris Messina.

While some actors are born into families in the entertainment industry, Tom came from a normal, working-class family that consisted of his two parents and a total of 13 siblings, including twin brother Merlin. According to a 2018 interview with The Scotsman, Tom was born and raised in Oxford, England. His mother worked as a primary school teacher, while his father taught music in school. Growing up with a twin brother and 12 other siblings was a unique experience, as the “Snatched” actor revealed to People in 2017, “We look like one of those family of ducks. We’re the last batch, so I’m pretty far down. My twin brother and me are the second youngest.”

Tom, who shares the same surname with “Ozark” star Jason Bateman, is not related to the American actor, but he does have a well-known sibling. His twin brother Merlin is an award-winning artist and member of the Oxford Art Society, who focuses his craft on charcoal portraits. As for being a twin, Tom doesn’t believe in the typical clichés like twin telepathy, but he does have a special connection with Merlin. He shared in an interview with 1883 Magazine, “No, I don’t think there’s any truth in the telepathy. But I think if you grow up with someone every day from birth you’re going to be more in tune with them. I’m more in tune with him, and miss him more than the rest of my family (sorry family!).”

The names and ages of Bateman’s other siblings are private, but the actor has shared just how impressive his big family is. In a sit-down interview with People Now, Bateman explained, “The amazing thing about having so many brothers and sisters, they cover every single base, you know…You’ve got people in hospitality, teachers, masseuses, airline pilots, people selling houses, cars…my brother works for the Red Cross. So, yeah, they’re kind of an amazing gang.”

Though it seems like Bateman’s family prefers to keep out of the spotlight, given the actor’s rise in fame over the past few years, there may be a chance we get to see more of them!

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