Tom Ellis Is So Devilishly Handsome, It Would Be a Sin Not to Check Out These 52 Photos

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I know that we all watch Lucifer for the plot, but let’s be real, the gorgeous cast definitely plays a part in it. If leading man Tom Ellis wasn’t able to pull off the Devil’s charm with such aplomb, we wouldn’t be able to buy into the show, right? Thankfully, Tom not only perfects that certain je ne sais quoi only Lucifer Morningstar could possess, but he also humanizes the fictional angel, making him relatable and endearing in a way that real-life “bad boys” could never.

In celebration of Netflix dropping the first half of Lucifer‘s fifth season – in which we got a double helping of Tom thanks to him bringing Lucifer’s twin brother Micheal on the scene – let’s appreciate the glory that is our wicked star by perusing some of his best pictures! He’s basically like a gift from above. (Oops, is it too soon for those jokes, Chloe fans?)

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