10 TV Shows to Stream If You Just Can’t Figure Out What to Watch

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With so many around the country currently locked down due to the pandemic, OG TV connoisseurs Yvie Jones and Angie Kent have given us their top 10 TV shows to binge-watch.

Here is what they picked:


Angie: I mean, what can I say… It truly has it all. It’s SO good because it is SO real — as scary as that is to say. These situations are happening to teens every damn day. Add in some insanely talented actors (Zendaya, Aussie Jacob Elordi, Storm Reid and Maude Apatow — pop culture icon and filmmaker Judd Apatow’s daughter), an amazing soundtrack by British singer/songwriter/producer Labrinth, some crazy visceral cinematography and scripting, and you’ve got a ready-made recipe for goosebumps! It’s filmed deliciously; it makes you laugh, cry and wince; It completely breaks convention, and I can’t get enough!

Yvie: My goodness, this show is a must-see! From the acting (Zendaya became Emmy’s youngest ever Best Actress in a Drama Series winner for her performance) to the writing, it’s just a mind-blowing show. It frightened and exhilarated me all at the same time. You won’t regret it. Binge the first season and then watch the two specials that bridge into the next. The second season has officially been renewed and I am ready and waiting!

Stream On: Binge; Foxtel Now. 

Search Party  

Angie: This show is NUTS. It’s like a cluster of madness but it’s oh so addictive; you won’t be able to stop! The good news is there are 4 seasons, with more to come! The acting is next-level brilliant. It’s very dark and absurdist — some people have even called it genre-bending due to its out-of-the-box mix of thriller, satire, comedy, drama, camp and mystery. Think Broad City meets Big Little Lies meets Girls meets Gone Girl meets Misery…. I could go on! Sometimes you don’t know whether to laugh, cry or be like “WTF just happened?”. If you’re up for feeling like you’re on some kind of trip – then you will love Search Party. Get comfy on the couch, order some snacks and watch the wheels fall completely off!

Stream On: Stan. 

Morning Wars  

Yvie: I imagine this is EXACTLY what it’s like behind the curtain of morning TV (maybe not in Australia, but definitely in the United States)! Starring icons like Jennifer Aniston (she won a SAG for her role), Reese Witherspoon, Billy Crudup and Steve Carell (to name but a few), this has to be one of the most fascinating and timely series from the past few years! It explores the juggernaut that is morning TV and how it makes their hosts huge stars, along with the inner workings of the crew and writers – along with tackling issues of sexual misconduct, toxic workplace culture and the horrid struggles that women often face in the TV industry (and lots of other industries). A must-watch! 

Stream On: Apple TV+. 

Broad City 

Angie: If you haven’t watched Broad City… who even are you?! BINGE IT, STAT! It has to be one of my favourite comedy sitcoms of all time. In short, it’s about two badass, incredibly inappropriate, absolute KWEENS who live in New York City and are trying to navigate all the weird and wacky shit that gets thrown their way. Originally a web series that was turned into a TV show, Broad City is written and directed by the show’s hilarious leads, Abbie Jacobs and Ilana Glazer. Look out for cameos from the likes of Amy Poehler, Seth Rogan, Whoopi Goldberg, RuPaul, Hillary Clinton, Cynthia Nixon, Shania Twain, and plenty more! The Wall Street Journal called Broad City “sneak attack feminism”, and I’m stoked to say I agree! If I could pick two people in the world right now to be my best friends – it would be Abbie and Ilana, hands down.

Stream On: Stan. 

I May Destroy You 

Yvie: Star, writer and director Michaela Cole (Netflix’s Black Mirror, Black Earth Rising and Chewing Gum) has — in my opinion — made a masterpiece. I May Destroy You is a 12-part series based on Cole’s lived experience of being sexually assaulted while working on Chewing Gum which was later removed from Netflix — so you need to fill in the gaps. The show received massive critical acclaim and nabbed a slew of huge awards, including two British Academy Television Awards. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen before… relatable, disturbing, thought-provoking, and unbelievably believable. I binged the whole series in a day!

Stream On: Binge; Foxtel Now. 

Ginny and Georgia 

Angie: I thought this show was going to be another American drama that tried to be a little funny and morbid but would end up rather average – like a bozo Euphoria. I am happy to admit I was wrong! Netflix announced this April that 52 million subscribers had watched Ginny and Georgia’s first season within 28 days of its release, and there are plenty of reasons why! There are SO many hidden gem performances throughout this series. The show follows 15-year-old Ginny, who constantly battles with the fact that her mum is young, hot and always on the move. If you give the show a chance, you end up discovering why they move around so much – and the reveal is much bigger than the show’s cute little title might suggest!

Stream On: Netflix. 

Dead to Me 

Yvie: Another dark comedy to sink your teeth into! Two amazing leading ladies and one incredible storyline; that’s all I really need from a TV show. Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini carry this show through two brilliant seasons – and Netflix have thankfully confirmed there will be one final season to come! The show’s premise is far-fetched, but that doesn’t stop it from being super compelling viewing! The acting is stellar, and the story has loads of twists and turns – which it unapologetically owns. Dead to Me has been nominated for pretty much every TV award imaginable, and rightly so!

Stream On: Netflix. 

Looking for Alaska 

Angie: This show is based on a novel (by John Green) that I absolutely loved sick, and I’m so glad they successfully brought the story to life on screen! While the series arguably isn’t AS good as the book and I would still recommend reading the book beforehand, I can honestly say I was super impressed! if you don’t read the novel first, brace yourself for a surprising twist at the end. Looking for Alaska was created by screenwriter and producer Josh Schwartz, who also bought us The OC and Gossip Girl – so that should give you some idea of what to expect. Think Dawson’s Creek, but updated for the here and now, and a little more messed up!

Stream On: Stan. 

The Circus 

Yvie: If you want to understand American politics whilst still being incredibly entertained, watch The Circus. I would never have gotten through Trump’s absolute shit-show in office without it. You can watch any season at any time and you won’t be disappointed. A deep-dive into American politics from the past five years, this docu-series is presented by top journalists and media personalities: Mark Halperin (before he was fired over workplace sexual harassment allegations), John Heilemann, Mark Mckinnon, Alex Wagner and Jennifer Palmieri. Well worth a watch!

Stream On: Stan. 

United States of Tara 

Angie: I LOVE THIS SHOW SO MUCH. I binged it the first time I watched it and then again recently during COVID. And it was as good as I remember! Toni Collette, Brie Larson, John Corbett, Keir Gilchrist – I mean, need I say more?! I am still not over United States of Tara getting cancelled. The show is written by Diablo Cody (writer and director of Juno) and I am absolutely obsessed with her work! Do ya’self a favour and just watch it! I don’t want to spoil anything. You’re in for a real treat.

Stream On: Stan. 

So there you have it. With so many hidden gems, you’ll never complain about not knowing what to watch again.

Oh, and there’s nothing more important than a comfy couch to lounge on while watching your favourite TV series, so if you’re on the hunt for something that won’t break the bank, check out Fantastic Furniture.

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