What Towa Bird Has Learned From Touring With Renee Rapp and Olivia Rodrigo

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If Towa Bird hasn’t come up on your radar, prepare yourself for her takeover. The 25-year-old viral sensation shows how pandemic TikTok videos can turn into an international success with a diehard fanbase. Her guitar skills, infectious humour and signature curls create a trifecta for stardom that’s set to grow with the release of Bird’s debut album American Hero.

The 13-track album explores the complexities of queer love and relationships. It features lovers-to-friends tropes, a song about not wanting to pay rent and abundant vulnerability drawn from Bird’s personal experiences as a lesbian woman. Although she’s mentioned previously, that the American Hero title is completely ironic — because she is not American and doesn’t see herself as a hero — she certainly has a strong idea of what defines a hero.

“I believe that a hero is someone who is so blatantly and unapologetically themselves and isn’t afraid of presenting that to you or putting that in your face,” Towa told POPSUGAR Australia. “I think a hero is vulnerable.”

Towa Bird american hero
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Despite not seeing herself as completely “heroic” by her own definition, her actions speak louder than words. Tour videos circulating on TikTok make it clear that when Towa Bird takes the stage — whether it be accompanying Reneé Rapp, Olivia Rodrigo or performing solo — she simply doesn’t hold back.

@nolwennwgs tell me why this video is 10 hours long????? @reneé @Towa Bird #snowhardfeelingstour #fyp #reneerapp #towabird #london ♬ son original – ⋆⭒˚。⋆ nol ⋆

Towa Bird Draws Inspiration from Reneé Rapp and Olivia Rodrigo When Touring

Life on the road can be “really, really tough”, Towa admitted. Add “emotional exhaustion” to that and you’ve got a recipe for burnout.

To combat this, Bird uses a trio of essentials to cope. On that list is “copious amounts of alcohol, as much sleep as you could possibly get and a guitar”.

In moments of fatigue, she takes inspiration from the artists she supports, especially Reneé Rapp and Olivia Rodrigo. Their level of care and “[giving] so much of a shit” about the fans inspires the guitarist to adopt a similar approach.

“They just work so hard and give so much of a shit,” Towa mentioned. “It’s really powerful to see those artists go out and do it every night and deliver, even though backstage they’re just so tired and so ready to go home.”

“They just love their audiences and care so much. I think it’s so important to care so much,” she says of Rodrigo and Rapp.

Towa Bird Beyond American Hero

American Hero is officially available to listen on all streaming platforms. But as for what’s next from Towa Bird?

When we asked about which Australian artists are on her radar for her next album, Bird wasn’t sure. However, she was quick to request for POPSUGAR Australia to “put her on” to Down Under artists.

Regardless of pending collaborations, Towa is excited to see her voice transform further in the next five to ten years.

“You can hear some of my earlier recordings [on the album] and some of my later recordings — my voice is different,” she observed. “It’s just matured as I grow up. I’m excited to hit like a second puberty and see what happens.”

Listen out for the differences yourself on American Hero — out now!

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