Trevor Butler Won a Million Dollars After Winning Big Brother — Now, He’s Back to Make History

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In 2004, Trevor Butler made Big Brother history when he became the first and only Australian to take home $1 million after winning season four. If that wasn’t enough to lift people’s spirits, Butler got down on one knee and proposed to his high school sweetheart Breea that same night. 

It’s been 17 years since that monumental day, and not only are Butler and Breea still happily married and share two sons, but he’s returning to the house for Big Brother Royalty vs New Contenders. If Butler manages to take home the prize, he’ll make history again by being the first Big Brother contestant to win twice.

When asked why he decided to come back, Butler said, why not? “But seriously, to show my sons, nieces and nephews why the occasional person stops and asks for a picture or a chat,” he added.

Before joining the show, Butler told New Idea that he “had the discussion with the family.”

“My two boys were like, ‘Yeah’, but my wife, Breea, was like, ‘No, I’m not going through that again’,” he shared, adding: “I was quite keen because it’s a different format and a different way of playing, so I was interested in seeing how I’d go the second time.”

Throughout his first time on the show, Butler was never up for eviction as he managed to win everyone over with his charm and lovable personality.

He fondly looks back at that time, saying his housemates “were the absolute best as well” and hopes history will repeat itself this year.

“There was the occasional drama, but it was more like a family-style of Big Brother,” he said. “You had your goofball moments and then the moments that made the show as popular as it was.”

Despite the game going through multiple changes since 2004, Butler says he’ll do “nothing” differently.

“I went into the 2004 series being myself and left the same way and I’ll do the same this time around as well,” he explained. “It doesn’t matter if I’m out early or get to the nitty gritty end game. I’ll stay the same.”

However, he is aware that there may be a target on his back during his time in the house.

“The housemates will want me out quick smart,” he said. “I also get along with people in any situation, so there’s another reason for housemates to evict me.”

When Butler won his first season, he and his wife used the funds to build a solid foundation for their family. If he manages to win again, he’s hoping to pay off his children’s school fees and write his own kids’ book.

Big Brother Royalty vs New Contenders airs at 7:30pm on Channel 7 and 7Plus.

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