15 Shows Like “Twenty-Five Twenty-One” That Will Have You in Your Feelings

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Streaming giant Netflix is known for its incredibly large and diverse library of Korean television shows. From intense crime thrillers like “Vincenzo” to historical dramas like “The King’s Affection,” there is never a shortage of shows to fulfill your binging needs. The streamer’s latest Korean romance series, “Twenty-Five Twenty-One,” is already a hit among viewers with a love-filled storyline bound to melt even the toughest of hearts.

“Twenty-Five Twenty-One” centers around the lives of Na Hee-Do (Kim Tae-Ri) and Baek Yi-Jin (Nam Joo-Hyuk) throughout the late 1990s and 2021. The series begins in present time, and Kim Min-chae (Hee-Do’s daughter) runs away to her grandmother’s house, where Hee-Do grew up. During her stay, she discovers a journal belonging to her mother from the year 1998, which details Hee-Do’s life as a young adult. In 1998, Hee-Do is an avid fencer, but her love for the sport is put in jeopardy when her high school can no longer afford to keep the team together. Baek Yi-Jin came from a wealthy background, but now works a handful of jobs to make money following the failure of his father’s business. The two meet in a twist of fate, and as time goes on, they evaluate what means the most to them.

If you can’t get enough of “Twenty-Five Twenty-One,” check out these 15 K-dramas that will definitely warm your heart and bring out the waterworks.

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