21 Vampire TV Shows to Sink Your Teeth Into

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While it’s been more than two decades since vampire shows like “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” captivated weekly audiences in front of their television sets, that certainly hasn’t been the end of vampires taking to the small screen or streaming services. With rumours of a “True Blood” reboot circulating and the recent premiere of the YA lesbian romance Netflix series “First Kill,” vampire fans can always find new content to satisfy their cravings.

However, who can resist a classic vampire show or rewatching an old favourite, like “Angel” or “The Vampire Diaries”? But if you’re perhaps more enthralled with the comedic absurdity of vampires being mismatched roommates, a happy sitcom family, or a babysitter who stops the silliest villains at the local high school, this genre has you covered. With vampire shows like “Being Human” and “Vampire High,” you still get all the thrills and chills of sharp fangs and bloodsucking but with a campier twist.

If you’re waiting for more vampire shows to air, there are plenty that you can sink your teeth into right now. To help you find your next binge, we’ve rounded up the best vampire shows that span a variety of genres. From horrifying and hilarious to romantic and thrilling, prepare for a bloody good time when you give one of these vampire shows a watch.

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