Why “Vanderpump Villa” Will Be Your New Reality TV Obsession

Lisa Vanderpump Vaderpump Villa

Lisa Vanderpump is, to all who are graced with her presence, a queen. A queen of luxury, a queen of opulence and a queen of reality TV. Now, she’s back with her newest hospitality venture/reality TV sensation — “Vanderpump Villa.”

“Vanderpump Villa”, out now on Disney+, is the latest venture for Lisa V, and she’s bringing with it an entirely new cast. Set at an almost-too-gorgeous-to-be-true hotel in the French countryside, “Vanderpump Villa” follows the life and work of the estate’s elite staff.

There’s nothing more elegant, fabulous or bougie than a villa in the French countryside, so how will this cast fare when drama starts to seep in through its walls?

Before you check out “Vanderpump Villa” on Disney+, prepare yourself for what could be your new reality TV addiction.

New Drama, Entirely New Location

“Vanderpump Villa” sets itself apart from the very get-go because of its completely fantastical setting. Relaxing poolside at an opulent hotel in rural France is something that’s not accessible to most people, but “Vanderpump Villa” is taking us straight there. Part of what makes the beloved genre of ‘rich people doing things’ so successful is that gives us normies a rare inside peek into how those on the other side live. “Vanderpump Villa” is no different.

Even the name of the hotel is enough to drain your bank account — Chateau Rosabelle. Gorgeous. Stunning. No notes.

But what makes Chateau Rosabelle an even better setting for reality TV is that its entirely new to us. We already know about Lisa Vanderpump’s Beverly Hills manor and her many bars and restaurants, but this property is a new venture. As the drama bounds around every corner, we’ll discover more about how the hotel runs, the lavish secrets it hides and the uber-A-list clientele that fork out small fortunes just to stay there.

The Faces of “Vanderpump Villa”

At this point, we know those who run in Lisa Vanderpump’s inner circle. We know plenty of those who’ve worked at her bars and restaurants, and they’ve become A-list celebrities in their own right. But, what’s incredibly exciting about “Vanderpump Villa” is that we’ve got an entirely new cast of fresh faces — and with that, fresh romance, fresh betrayal and fresh drama.

A hotel this grand needs a lot of staff, so expect to see many new faces — and to see Lisa not take any BS from any of them. Some key figures you need to know:

  • Andre, Mixologist — a 6’4″ gentle giant behind the bar.
  • Anthony, Executive Chef — culinary genius who sometimes puts his job before his personal life
  • Caroline, Sous Chef — the yin to Anthony’s yang.
  • Telly, Mixologist — opinionated, outspoken, iconic.
  • Emily & Grace, Housekeepers — hard working and driven by success.
  • Marciano, Lead Server — an Alpha male with a tragic past.
  • Hannah & Priscilla, Servers — they both have experience dealing in restaurants with high-end clients, but only one — Hannah — is in an on again/off again relationship with Marciano.

The Return of Vanderpump

If nothing else gets you to watch “Vanderpump Villa”, the return of Lisa Vanderpump — dealing with a new place and new staff — will.

Her charisma and business acumen are undeniable. She’s built an empire from the ground up, and her work ethic coupled with her sharp wit make her so fun to watch. May the lord please have mercy on my soul should I ever be on the receiving end of a Lisa Vanderpump take-down.

Vanderpump has a way of disarming people with her charm, then delivering a perfectly timed, side-splitting one-liner that leaves them speechless. She is also brutally honest, holding people accountable for their actions. This ability to walk the line between playful and pointed keeps you hooked to the screen. Whether she’s doling out advice laced with subtle sarcasm or orchestrating lavish events, Vanderpump is a captivating presence and a master at keeping the drama bubbling just beneath the surface.

Luckily for us, Lisa Vanderpump and the faces of “Vanderpump Villa” are all available to watch right now. Stream weekly episodes of “Vanderpump Villa” now on Disney+.

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