There's More to WandaVision's Queen Bee Dottie Than Meets the Eye

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The first two episodes of WandaVision have already proven there is more than meets the eye to Wanda and Vision’s situation in Westview. Although they may seemingly be living out a blissful example of married life, Vision’s job, the neighbors that pop up unannounced, and the situations the duo find themselves in lean toward a somewhat sinister existence.

While preparing for the annual Westview Elementary fundraiser during episode two of WandaVision, Wanda is introduced to Dottie (Emma Caulfield) by her de facto best friend Agnes. Not only is Dottie married to Vision’s former coworker Phil – who was fired because of a terrible dinner with Mr. Hart – but she’s the one person in Westview whose opinion matters most. Wanda learns this from Agnes right before meeting Dottie at the fundraiser planning committee meeting. The committee meeting goes terribly, at least so far as Wanda making a good impression on Dottie is concerned. However, when Wanda is helping Dottie clean up at the end, there’s a moment of clarity in the Westview ruse where Dottie tells Wanda she’s heard rumors about her and Vision. At that moment, the radio cuts out and we hear someone calling out for Wanda. Unlike during the episode one dinner, where only Vision and Wanda seemed to be aware of something wrong, Dottie can hear it, too and breaks a glass in her hand.

Dottie’s moment of clarity and her question of “who are you” to Wanda has us wondering: is Dottie a member of S.W.O.R.D. meant to watch over Wanda and Vision in the reality Wanda may have created? Is she merely a perceptive member of the Westview community that got swept up in everything? Here’s hoping that we’re given more answers than questions in the upcoming WandaVision episodes.

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