The Challenge Australia Winners Kiki and Troy on What They’ll Spend Their Prize Money on

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The inaugural season of “The Challenge Australia” came to an end last night, with “Bachelor” alum Kiki Morris and “Ninja Warrior” alum Troy Cullen being crowned the winners of the show. The pair received $100,000 each as well as the opportunity to go on to compete against “Challenge” winners from across the globe in 2023 when Paramount+ airs its first-ever season of “The Challenge: Global Championship”.

Speaking to POPSUGAR Australia, the pair were in high spirits.

“I’m feeling good,” Troy said of the win, adding that it “feels a bit surreal at the minute”.

“I’m over the moon,” he continued. “It’s a pretty great experience and a great thing to happen because I get to go all over the world and represent Australia. So that’s gonna be fun. And yeah, obviously 100 grand means a lot.”

“I mean, I’m so happy that it’s now finally out because, I mean, I’ve been sitting on this little secret now for months!” Kiki exclaimed. “I really, I really suck at keeping a secret! I’m gonna be honest with you, it’s been hard!”

Kiki, who struggled through the gruelling final challenges with a back injury that’s still plaguing her, added that it was great to watch it back because she’d “block[ed] out all that stuff [they] did”.

“Watching it back last night was really emotional, but I’m so proud of myself,” she said.

While Kiki had joked in the finale that she was going to spend the prize money on getting her lashes and nails done, she told POPSUGAR Australia that she actually plans to start her own sustainable swimwear and activewear line, which has been a longtime dream of hers.

“I’m also Indigenous as well and I really want to be able to put some of the money in the sales of my swimwear back into the Aboriginal community to help young women with scholarships,” she added. “I want to… make a difference and help young women feel inspired to, you know, go out and take what they want from the world and do it in a way that inspires more young women.”

Meanwhile, Troy has his share of the prize earmarked for “a fair bit of travelling and renovations on the house”.

“Me and my partner had a trip for America planned just before COVID, and COVID cancelled the whole thing,” Troy explained. “I’m hoping to get back over to America with her and just spend some time chilling out and enjoying life.”

With “The Challenge: Global Championship” on the horizon, the pair are feeling excited about what’s to come.

“Yeah, I’m feeling excited for it, that’s for sure,” Troy said, adding that he’s going to “focus on doing that” before considering anything else — but that another season of “Ninja Warrior” isn’t out of the question.

“I’ll probably do another season of Ninja, if they do it,” he said. “That’d be nice.”

“I mean, I will be happy to go back to competing in “The Challenge” again,” Kiki said. “I need a bit of a long break first, though. It’s something that I really enjoyed doing, and you know, what’s next for me is taking a long holiday with my partner and trying to relax and get myself back together before I get taken through the wringer all over again.”

“I’m really happy and proud of myself,” Kiki said. “I’m grateful that I think I’ve represented myself and my true personality really well on the program. I mean, I didn’t have any dramas with anyone, really, and I kept my bubbly spirit and sense of humour.

“I think to not let the competition get the better of me, as well, was a great opportunity for me to go and prove to the world what kind of spirit we have as Australians.

“You know, Troy and I were really, we were competitive, but we were never out to get anyone and I think that really proves what kind of people the Australian people are.”

“The Challenge: Global Challenge” will air on Paramount+ in 2023.

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