What, Like it’s Hard? The Women of The Bachelor Are More Than Just Pretty Faces

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Not sure if you’ve been keeping up, but I’m slightly obsessed with The Bachelor. It’s pretty much all I’ve been talking about since the show aired.

From Sierah’s conniving ways to Brooke’s near-death date experience, season nine has had me truly at the edge of my seat.

But while Jimmy gets plenty of attention from … well … everyone over the fact that he’s a pilot (so. many. plane. puns), the bachelorettes are also not just pretty faces, with many of them accomplished in their own right.

So I thought, as a raging feminist, why not highlight their professions, because women aren’t just drama and pretty dresses.

Carlie Hodges, Corporate Lawyer

The 33-year-old caught everyone’s attention when she brought a contract to Jimmy at their first meeting. Carlie is a successful corporate lawyer who owns her own apartment and proves that even if she doesn’t win Jimmy’s love, she’s pretty much winning in life so, his loss.

Belinda Robinson, Criminal Lawyer

Belinda may have not gotten a rose, but does that really matter? She showed off her insane sports car on the first episode of the season that she bought with her hefty criminal lawyer salary.

But if you think Belinda has been handed everything, think again. The criminal lawyer has faced a life full of hardship, motivating her to work for everything she owns.

“Before the age of 16, I had been to 4 different high schools and dropped out of school. At ages 20-24, I watched my best friend and dad pass away from Motor Neurone Disease,” she told POPSUGAR Australia. “I have used my pain and negative circumstances to drive me to help suffering people every day and to push me to achieve my dream life and I hope to inspire others in that way.”

Laura O’Loughlin, Speech Pathologist

Laura is known for her antics on set, but the speech pathologist has mentioned previously that her dedication to her career didn’t leave much time for dating.

Not only that, but the smart cookie brought textbooks with her to the mansion, because the studying simply never stops.

“I actually brought a bunch of GAMSAT study materials and a few textbooks in with me! I wanted to utilise any downtime I had to study for the GAMSAT, a big old exam you need to do to get into post-grad medicine, which I’d really like to do!”

Chanel Tang, Flight Manager

Chanel showed off her flight management skills to Jimmy on the show, but there’s even more to her than meets the eye.

“I have had many incredible adventures and have been lucky enough to live in several different countries pursuing my passions,” she told POPSUGAR Australia. “I have explored various careers, completed my media degree and truly know who I am and what I want in life.”

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