‘I Just Couldn’t Believe It’: Big Brother’s Max Was Completely Blindsided by Daniel

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It was the ultimate blindside to kick-off an epic season of Big Brother Australia 2021 and Ironman, Max Beattie was the casualty.

During the first episode of the hit TV series, property manager Daniel Hayes was sent to the boiler room, taking an unsuspecting Nick Benton with him. The pair snuck out during the night, only to resurface three days later during the first eviction.

Both men were then given the power to either save all three housemates — Max, Melissa McGorman and Christina Podolyan — or send one packing. While Nick decided that he didn’t know his new housemates well enough, Daniel chose to get rid of his biggest threat — Max.

“It was the biggest d**k move in TV history,” Max told POPSUGAR Australia during an interview before his eviction. “I just couldn’t believe it.”

“When Big Brother gave him the power — because he was already insecure about his own abilities — I knew that if he had the chance to kick me out, he would do it.”

While he doesn’t know the exact reason (yet) for Daniel’s decision, Max knew that the producers had chosen the best person for the job.

“It was very clever,” the Queenslander said. “He was absolutely the right guy if they wanted a plot twist or something crazy to happen. They were leaning on Daniel because he just played the role exactly the way they wanted him to.”

Max was only in the house for three days before he was evicted so was only just beginning to make headway with his connections, however, he knew that Daniel would never be someone he would be friends with inside the house or out.

“He was all over the shop,” the 29-year-old admitted. “He’s not someone I would ever get along with. If the shoe had been on the other foot, I wouldn’t have kicked him out.”

He added: “I was just starting to make connections with these people and just had the rug pulled out from under my feet.”

As for his romance with fellow housemate Katie Williams, Max admitted the pair dated for six months when they were “kids”.

“We were in our early twenties. I was in Queensland and she was in New South Wales,” he said.

Now that he’s left the house, Max has taken a look back at his short time and said that he was glad he was “just authentically myself”.

“I’m proud of the way I reacted towards everything. In the eviction room people just got really nasty straightaway and I didn’t have a nasty word to say about one person.”

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