Remember When The Veronicas Had a Stoush With Qantas? Here’s Exactly What Happened

what happened with the veronicas qantas scandal

America may have Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, and Dylan and Cole Sprouse, but here in Australia, we have Jessica and Lisa Origliasso — The Veronicas. The soundtrack to our angsty teenage years, who continue to produce absolute bangers — they’re ARIA award-winning — they’re now going to be appearing on Celebrity Apprentice Australia.

Entering the show as one entity — they are only 5″1, to be fair — they’ll be competing to never have to hear Celebrity Apprentice Australia‘s CEO Lord Alan Sugar‘s famous phrase of “you’re fired”, in an attempt to win a sizeable donation to the charity of their choice.

The identical twins have chosen The Brain Foundation, for their mum, who has a rare neurological disease called progressive supranuclear palsy.

Although Jess and Lisa have cemented themselves as Australian icons, they’re mainly known overseas for 1. having one of their songs appear in classic Amanda Bynes‘ movie She’s The Man and 2. getting kicked off a Qantas flight.

It turns out that the infamous incident surrounding the famous duo resulted in the story being covered by the likes of USA Today and The Guardian, as well as all the usual Australian suspects.

So what did happen with The Veronicas Qantas scandal? POPSUGAR is here to play Nancy Drew.

On Sunday 23, September 2019, the pop act were aboard the QF 519 flight, from Sydney to Brisbane. After a dispute over baggage with airline staff on board, they were removed from the flight by police. At the time, a Qantas spokesperson told USA Today that the two had been disruptive and refused to follow crew instructions.

The scandal from The Veronicas side? It reads a lot differently.

The twins, who as previously mentioned, stand pretty small at 5″1, were asked to rearrange their baggage — the wheels of their suitcases were facing the aisle, which they’re not meant to do. They were asked by staff to change this, but as they explained, due to their petite stature, it makes it a difficult task for them to do.

When Jess and Lisa asked crew for help, the crew refused, citing company policy that did not allow them to assist with the bags in that way.

A gallant (and taller, we’re assuming) passenger came to their aid, and resituated the bags with no issue. The Veronica’s asked for the crews names, and instead of receiving them, security was called on them.

According to an Instagram posted at the time — which has since been removed — they said the incident was “incredibly intimidating and confusing”, and that they cooperated with the authorities and exited the aircraft without disruption. They then flew to Brisbane on a later flight.

Passengers who were on the same flight, at the time, corroborated The Veronicas version of events.

As for what happened next in the case of The Veronicas vs Qantas?

Well, nothing, it seems. The pair sought legal advice on the matter, and told The Courier Mail that they’d made six attempt to meet with Qantas in person, but claimed the invitation had either been ignored or declined.

The pair, who have sought legal advice on the matter that happened on September 22, told The Courier Mail they had made six attempts to meet with Qantas in person but claim the invitation has been “ignored or declined”.

When rapper and Black Eyed Peas member accused the airline of racially profiling him a few months after, the sisters tweeted in his support.

Celebrity Apprentice Australia will air on Channel Nine and 9Now from Sunday to Tuesday from May 23.

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