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What Is the Country Rose on The Bachelorette?

Harry Just Won the Country Rose on The Bachelor Premiere & He's Taking Shannon With Him

Host Osher Günsberg introduced Elly and Becky Miles to the country rose when they arrived at the Bachelorette mansion in tonight's premiere episode.

"At the start of the cocktail party, ladies, you will give this rose to the one man who has made the best first impression on both of you," he explained.

When it came time for the women to choose the recipient of the rose, Osher revealed more about its power — the winner would be heading on the first double date of the season with the two Bachelorettes. He would even get to choose the second person heading on the date.

And the type of date was all in the title — it's a country date for a country rose, because Elly and Becky are from Parkes in country NSW.

The winner of the rose was Harry. While he didn't seem to arrive with a gimmick to the mansion, he quickly had the women grinning thanks to his charm and warmth — and his chat about his family hobby farm.

"I'm here to find love," he told Elly and Becky. "Love is the most amazing love. For me, if there was a one percent chance of finding love again, I'm gonna grab it with both hands."

"I think I have the hots for Harry!" Elly reflected afterwards. "I can see Harry and myself milking cows on Harry's hobby farm."

Harry had a strategy when choosing one of the "fellas" to accompany them on the date. As he had set his sights on Elly, who he said he fancied because of her bright smile and the "spark in her eye", he wanted to bring along someone who he knew was interested in Becky. So he chose Shannon, who had made his intention to pursue Becky very clear.

The move ticked off some of the other men, who criticised Harry for trying to give himself the best shot with Elly — but predictably the ones complaining were the other men who had expressed an interest in the Bachelor favourite and nurse.

And Elly and Becky themselves approved of the choice, with the pair theorising before Harry made his choice that he would pick someone for Becky and that it would be an opportunity to test if the men could "hack it" in the country. Becky even mentioned she'd had a good chat to Shannon!

Shannon impressed the Miles sisters when he arrived at the mansion with his brothers to perform a traditional haka greeting dance, and then had winner's music playing at the cocktail party when he talked to Becky about how they each cherished how close they are with their families. Becky and Shannon might just be perfect for each other . . .

We'll see tomorrow night if Harry's plan pays off and if Becky and Shannon continue to have chemistry!

The Bachelorette airs on Network Ten, Wednesday to Thursday. Join us at our Facebook group Pass the Popcorn to gab about all things reality TV.

Image Source: Network Ten
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