Everyone Wants to Know, What Is Kylie Jenner’s Baby Name? Here’s What the Internet Thinks

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It’s been months since Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott announced that their baby boy’s name was no longer Wolf, but the world is yet to know what they changed it to. 

It’s been almost four months since that day, and the truth is, our patience is wearing thin. In the second episode of The Kardashians season two, Kylie addressed the baby name rumours, explaining why they decided to ditch the name Wolf.

Explaining that she and Travis “really didn’t have a name”, the makeup mogul told her mum Kris Jenner that she thought a name would come to them naturally when they saw their baby for the first time, but “it didn’t.”

The name Wolf was the result of pressure, with Kylie revealing that the couple had 24 hours to pick a name before their son would have been registered without one, which would mean he “doesn’t get a certificate, a social security number, like the whole thing.”

“I felt the pressure to choose a name.”

“So we just put Wolf Webster in that moment, and right after I signed the birth certificate, I was like ‘what did I just do?'” 

Despite being in high spirits, saying, “it’s a part of his story,” she did confirm that his name was no longer Wolf.

But don’t get your hopes up about a name reveal just yet, because the reality star revealed that the couple hasn’t yet changed their son’s name legally.

“It hasn’t been changed legally yet. Travis actually changed his name a few times! He will come back and be like ‘I really like this name’ and then for the day call him that.”

“I’m waiting for him to just name himself,” she joked.

While the couple deserves privacy, they are celebs at the end of the day, and the internet has been hard at work trying to predict the name of their child.

Influencer and baby name predictor Em, who goes by emdoodlesandstuff on TikTok thinks their son’s name could be Birch, Chosen, Noble, Gem, Oak, King, Arc, Haze or Scout. 

She’s not the only one guessing, though, which is why we’ve decided to narrow down the best theories so far.


You may be thinking, “who names their child coconut?” but we don’t put anything past Hollywood. 

Fans think Kylie revealed her son’s name during Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker’s Italian wedding after she captioned an Instagram photo of her and daughter Stormi, “Just me, storm, and coconut travelling the world together.”

Sister Khloe Kardashian added more fuel to the fire by commenting: “I love you three.”

However, Kylie was quick to shut down rumours by responding, “we love her,” revealing that the Barbie her daughter was holding was named Coconut.


The name Angel has been thrown around since news broke that Kylie welcomed her second child.

The rumour mill kicked off after Kris commented on Kylie’s birth post saying “angel pie” while her sister Kim Kardashian replied with an angel emoji.


Jacob is the most recent guess on this list, with fans convinced Kylie’s son’s name has been changed to the popular moniker.

In her Mother’s Day video montage, Kylie used the song To Our Daughter by artist My Best Friend Jacob, and in a video posted for Father’s Day, Stormi is seen painting two stick figures — one labelled ‘Daddy’ and the other ‘Jacob’.


This seems to be the most convincing theory of them all. TikTok user @juulsxoxo believes Kylie has named her son Kristan after discovering the star trademarked the name 13 days after he was born.

The name is also similar to Kylie’s middle name, Kristen.

The TikToker then shared a screenshot of another trademark she came across, filed a month after Kylie gave birth — Kristan Wolf Enterprises.

This is definitely the strongest guess of them all, considering Kylie trademarked Stormi’s name shortly after her first birthday in 2019.

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