Welcome Back to “1989 (Taylor’s Version)”! Here’s When Taylor Swift’s Album Drops in Aus

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Welcome back to the enchanting era of “1989”… we know you’ve been waiting for it (we sure have)! Taylor Swift, the queen of reimagining her music, is about to unleash “1989 (Taylor’s Version)” upon the world. Fans have eagerly awaited this re-recorded album, and it’s just a matter of hours until it’s finally here. But what time can Australian Swifties expect to bask in the nostalgic tunes of this pop masterpiece? Well, we’ve got you covered.

“1989 (TV)” is something we’ve all been eagerly waiting for. Taylor Swift is treating us to her reimagined versions of classics like “Blank Space”, “Style”, and “Shake It Off”. The original “1989” album was a defining moment in Taylor’s career, marking her transition from country to pop stardom. It topped the charts in 2015 and nabbed the Grammy for Album of the Year in 2016. Now, “1989 (TV)” is poised to reignite that magic, releasing on October 27th, exactly nine years after the original album.

The album will treat us to something special. For the first time, none of the vault tracks will have any featured collaborators. You’ll get to enjoy five fresh vault tracks and a bonus in the form of “Sweeter Than Fiction (TV)”, exclusively available on the tangerine vinyl edition of the album. These hidden gems will take you right back to the “1989” era, with a touch of newness.

So, What Time Does “1989 (TV)” Drop in Australia?

For all of us Aussie Swifties, here’s the lowdown: “1989 (Taylor’s Version)” will be released globally at the same time. It’s scheduled to drop at midnight ET (00.00am) on Friday, October 27th. This synchronised release means that the album will become available in Australia at 3.00pm AEDT.

Spotify will provide you with a release countdown, ensuring you don’t miss a beat when the album becomes available on your personal Spotify account.

The countdown is on, Swifties! We have our Friday plan sorted.

Fans Think Taylor Will Be Headlining Coachella 2024

Fans are buzzing with anticipation and speculation about the possibility of Taylor Swift headlining Coachella in 2024. It’s not hard to see why this idea is so enticing. Taylor has been the driving force behind the most sought-after tour of 2023, capping it off with a Coachella headline show in 2024 would be the ultimate showstopper. Coachella has a reputation for continuously upping its game in terms of headliners, and after an epic trio in 2023, the thought of Taylor Swift taking the stage in 2024 is a tantalising prospect.

Fuelling these rumours is the observation of a gap in her Eras Tour schedule for April, which has Swifties speculating that the superstar may indeed be gearing up for a Coachella spectacle.

While nothing has been officially confirmed, the mere prospect of Taylor Swift headlining Coachella in 2024 has fans buzzing with excitement. It would undoubtedly be an epic addition to the festival’s storied history of headliners.

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