Finally! Channel 10 Has Revealed When The Bachelors Will Premiere

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Ever since The Bachelor(s) was announced, we’ve been itching to know when the show will premiere. In case you missed it, this year, the reality TV show is going through a major overhaul following poor ratings last year.

In an attempt to shake things up, Channel 10 announced back in May that the next season would have not one, not two, but THREE Bachies this year, and uh … we weren’t too sure how to feel about it.

Felix Von Hofe, Thomas Mallucedi and Jed McIntosh were announced as this year’s leading men, and despite host Osher Günsberg pushing it as a “world-first” (yes, and there’s a reason for that Osh), fans didn’t seem especially excited.

Appearing alongside the three Bachelors, Osher gushed about the show’s exciting new format, promising a “fascinating” and “electrifying” season for viewers.

Oh, and having three men front the franchise wasn’t the only change set for the show’s 10th season. This year, The Bachelors Australia relocated from New South Wales to Queensland, and was daring to go without its trademark romantic candles and décor.

“Not only did we have to go to head office to say ‘can we have three Bachelors?’, that was easy!” Osher said during his appearance on The Project. “It was ‘but we wanna do it without candles, and we wanna do it without fairy lights’, THAT was a meeting we had to get through.”

So the question is… when is it?

Earlier, an unnamed source told The Daily Mail that Network 10 has pushed The Bachelors Australia back to 2023, despite wrapping filming on the show months ago. Instead, the network is focusing its attention on The Real Love Boat.

“[Channel] Ten have made the call to delay the show until early 2023 so they can focus on promoting The Real Love Boat,” The Daily Mail reported. “I don’t see them airing reality dating shows back-to-back and there’s only 10 ratings weeks left… they would rather hold it and give it the publicity it needs.”

Meanwhile, a TV insider told Yahoo! Lifestyle that “this feels like the final nail in the coffin to The Bachelor franchise.” Yikes.

Well, the speculation is over because Channel 10 have finally revealed when The Bachelors will air.

While the network previously announced at their annual Upfronts event that the dating series would be airing January 2 2023, they have now officially announced it will air a week later, premiering on January 9.

“This Summer – there’s 3 times the love! #TheBachelorsAU Starts January 9 on 10 and 10 Play.”

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