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Network television can be a seriously finicky beast. One minute your favourite television show is on and then the next week, it was as though it never happened in that timeslot.

For fans of Big Brother, you may have noticed that the TV schedule has changed once or twice. Is it on Sunday or not? Can we see what the housemates are up to on a Thursday? And is there really an eviction every single night?

In honour of all of your questions, we thought we’d find out exactly when Big Brother is on so that you don’t miss out.

What Days Is Big Brother On?

Since the Dancing With the Stars finale took place on a Sunday night, the housemates entered the house on a Monday night, however, starting from Sunday, May 2, you could watch the show on a Sunday, Monday, Tuesday AND Wednesday night. Lucky us!

Not to confuse you, but as of Monday, May 10, Big Brother will now only be on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights to make way for 7NEWS Spotlight specials returning to Sundays.

What Time Is It On?

Set your alarms because you may want a reminder. Big Brother starts at 7.30 pm.

Don’t worry if you miss an episode though, because you can always catch up on 7Plus!

Is there an Eviction Every Night?

You betcha! Last year, while the biggest change to the format was, of course, a pre-recorded show (goodbye endless live footage of housemates lounging around a pool), the network also made the decision to set an eviction every single episode — including on the first night (sorry, Max Beattie!).

As we’ve learned previously, and true to years gone by, the cast are still nominating each other for eviction and are now voting each other out — Survivor-style.

Big Brother Australia is already shaping up to be the best yet with physical, endurance and skill-based challenges every day, housemates forming alliances, strategies in place and a fight to ultimately become the last one standing.

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