When Is “Million Dollar Island” On? We’ve Got You Covered

when is million dollar island on
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Million Dollar Island” is in full swing! This new reality show has captured audiences with its unique concept that pushes contestants to their limits for a shot at winning a life-changing million dollar prize. If you’re wondering “but when is ‘Million Dollar Island’ on?’, look no further.

The reality show introduces a unique premise that pushes contestants to their limits. 100 everyday Aussies find themselves on a remote island, where their survival skills and mental fortitude are put to the ultimate test. Not only must they endure gruelling conditions and scarce resources, but they must also navigate through a series of challenges designed to evaluate their resilience, adaptability, and strategic thinking.

The adventure begins with each contestant donning a wristband worth $10,000. Throughout their journey, participants can gain or lose wristbands by conquering thrilling challenges. However, the show takes a twist as contestants can also receive wristbands from their fellow competitors. When someone decides to leave the island and call it quits, they must pass on their wristband(s) to one of the remaining players, creating a dynamic power shift that adds an extra layer of intrigue to the game.

Hosted by “SAS Australia” star Ant Middleton, “Million Dollar Island” is not your typical reality show, as you can tell. This revolutionary social experiment throws the rulebook out the window. Will chaos reign supreme, or will the contestants find a way to create order amidst the madness? And with friendships on the line, who knows if alliances will lead to riches or betrayal?

So, When Is “Million Dollar Island” on?

“Million Dollar Island” airs Monday — Tuesday at 7.30pm. You can watch it on Channel 7 and 7plus.

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