Save the Date: The “Australian Idol” Finale Is Going to Blow Us Away

When is the Australian Idol finale on?

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“Australian Idol” is down to the wire. There are only three contestants left. This year’s top artists are the country singer Denvah Baker-Moller, the powerhouse Amy Reeves, and the acoustic icon Dylan Wright. Before we all know it, these three contestants will be competing in 2024’s “Australian Idol” finale, one of them will be crowned the country’s very best. 

However, who will win this competition remains a mystery. Each and every one of them have done stellar performances. We all loved Denvah’s vulnerable version of Kasey Chambers’ “Pony”. What’s more, Amy belted Christina Aguilera’s “Ain’t No Other Man” into the history books. Last but not least, Dylan blew the judges away with his cover of Crowded House’s “Better Be Home”. It’s pretty safe to say that the “Australian Idol” finale will be a tight race.

If you want to watch 2024’s “Australian Idol” finale, then we have got your back. Here’s how you can tune into the drama.

When Is 2024’s “Australian Idol” Finale Airing?

The 2024 “Australian Idol” finale will air live on Monday, March 25 at 7.00pm, only on 7 and 7 Plus. Miss this episode? Catch up with 7 Plus.

However, if you’re in Sydney, there’s still a chance to attend the “Australian Idol” finale in person. On the That’s the Ticket website, a free raffle for some tickets is taking place.

The 2024 “Australian Idol” finale will be filmed at the Sydney Coliseum Theatre. On March 25, doors open at 4.00pm, and the event is expected to finish at 8.45pm. 

To register your interest, you must be a That’s the Ticket member. If you want to sign up or try winning some “Australian Idol” tickets, click the link here.

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