There’s No Trout About It — We’re Missing Diana and Zane On Younger

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The second that Younger dropped on Stan — a whole 24 hours earlier than expected — we binged all the episodes… all four that were made available to us.

Even though we were completely thrown by the twists so far in season seven — we went from #TeamCharles to #TeamKai very quickly — we’ve been left with one big question and a sparkly necklace-shaped hole in our heart: Where on earth is fan fave, Diana Trout? Oh, and Zane (sorry Zane).

We’re not saying that Molly Bernard as Lauren isn’t doing a fantastic job taking over the diva’s place… and desk… and jewellery… but we do miss Diana’s wild ensembles, that she somehow makes work every single time.

Turns out there’s no scandalous reason for the lack of screentime for actors Miriam Shor (Diana) and Charles Michael Davis (Zane) this season. Unfortunately, it’s just bad timing and COVID-19.

Darren Star told TVLine back in March that “Due to scheduling and COVID-related matters, Miriam Shor and Charles Michael Davis were unable to be season seven cast regulars.”

Continuing, Star said, “However, they will always be a much loved and integral part of the Younger family and have added so much heart and soul to the series.”

Zane appeared in a scene during the first episode, over a heartbreaking FaceTime call with Hilary Duff’s character, Kelsey.

According to Refinery29, we will be seeing Diana again — for a brief scene, apparently halfway during the season. The publication says it’s very Diana, and that the show “doesn’t forget the bond between Liza and her former boss.”

Phew. Here’s hoping for one more glimpse of her in one of her fabulous necklaces.

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