We Hate to Break It to You But the Celebrity Apprentice Boardroom Doesn’t Really Exist

Celebrity Apprentice
Channel 9

There’s nothing more satisfying than hearing the dulcet tones of Lord Alan Sugar yelling, “You’re fired” at a celebrity. And on this year’s record-breaking Celebrity Apprentice, he does just that and in the most spectacular boardroom.

With golden frames, a large ‘Lord Alan Sugar’ chandelier and a modern slick atmosphere, the set of this year’s series is a far cry from the boardroom’s past.

While Mark Bouris fired his apprentices from inside an actual boardroom, we found out that this modern one is just a makeshift glass box set inside the glorious Sydney University.

Now, if you’ve ever been there and questioned where on earth it could be, the new room is situated inside the Holmes Building. And if you go there and are still confused (where are those iconic gold frames?), well, they’re all part of the set created by the clever Channel 9 production team.

According to a production insider — who revealed all to POPSUGAR Australia — students were indeed on campus at the time, however, were instructed not to walk past the glass in fear they’d be in the shot. Well, there you go!

The Holmes Building, entrance from Science Rd. Courtesy of Sydney Uni.

As for the rest of the filming, Celebrity Apprentice 2021 has been filmed in and around Sydney.

Episode two even has a sight-seeing tour around the sunny city and there are numerous landmarks shown at every turn. How cool!

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