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Where is The Voice filmed?
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Every episode of “The Voice” has felt like it was filmed inside a colosseum. The way the crowd chants, the way each singer walks on stage, it’s all so dramatic. As soon as “The Voice” starts, you immediately buy into the excitement. 

What’s more, the very formula of “The Voice” contributes to these vibes. On “The Voice”, each contestant is primarily judged on the quality of their singing abilities. During each audition, there are several judges listening in while not facing towards the stage. If a judge is impressed with the singing abilities of a contestant, they can slam a red button that swivels their chair to face them. 

By hitting this button, a judge is declaring that they want said singer to be famous. By hitting this button, they make the crowd and the audience at home go wild.

However, while “The Voice” feels like it’s filmed inside a colosseum, does its actual venue live up to this reputation? Where is “The Voice” filmed anyway? Here are all the facts that we know.

Where Was “The Voice” Filmed in 2024?

This year’s season of “The Voice” will be filmed in Carriageworks, Sydney. Carriageworks is an arts precinct that’s full of big empty warehouses. At Carriageworks, TV productions have the space and flexibility to create any type of set that they want.

As it stands, we already know that Carriageworks is an excellent fit for “The Voice”. Last year’s season was filmed there, and that season was epic beyond proportion. The judges’ threatening red chairs and the neon blue stage elevated each contestant’s performance. At Carriageworks, “The Voice” didn’t feel like it was filmed on a soundstage. It felt way more grandiose than that. 

So, while “The Voice” isn’t being filmed in an actual colosseum, the creators of this series found the next best thing. We cannot wait to see how “The Voice” transforms Carriageworks this time around.

“The Voice” will be airing later this 2024 on Channel 7 and also streaming on 7 Plus.

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