Discover the Exotic Location Where “Million Dollar Island” Was Filmed

where was million dollar island filmed

Now that “Million Dollar Island” has premiered, you might find yourself wondering: “Where was Million Dollar Island filmed?”

This high-stakes competition pits 100 individuals against each other on a remote desert island, all vying for a life-changing $1 million. But it’s not just the captivating concept that has us hooked; it’s also the breathtaking filming location that adds an extra layer of allure to the show.

“Million Dollar Island” originally made waves in the Netherlands in early March, captivating audiences with its unusual concept. Now, the creators are taking it global, and lucky for us, it’s finally making its way to Channel 7!

The cast must compete in various games and challenges to gain or lose their precious bracelets. And get this, folks: they can even receive bracelets from their fellow contestants!

So, Where Was “Million Dollar Island” Filmed?

The Australian version of “Million Dollar Island” was filmed on the picturesque islands of Langkawi, Malaysia. Langkawi is an archipelago consisting of 99 islands located off the northwestern coast of Malaysia.

These islands boast stunning natural beauty, lush rainforests, pristine beaches, and crystal-clear waters, making them an ideal backdrop for the show’s adventurous premise.

One of the 99 islands was chosen as the primary filming location for “Million Dollar Island.” Although the exact names of the islands remain undisclosed, it is evident that Langkawi’s unique geography and diverse landscapes played a significant role in creating a challenging and immersive environment for the contestants. The series was filmed over 32 days and temperatures ranged from 25—38 degrees during filming.

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Its scenery has made Langkawi a popular tourist spot, known for its beauty. Its vibrant rainforests, soaring mountains, and turquoise waters provide a mesmerising blend of natural wonders. The captivating beauty of Langkawi offers the perfect contrast to the tough conditions faced by the contestants on “Million Dollar Island.”

Where Is Langkawi Located?

Langkawi is an archipelago consisting of 99 islands located in the Andaman Sea, off the northwestern coast of Peninsular Malaysia. It is part of the state of Kedah and is situated about 30 kilometres off the mainland. Langkawi is geographically close to Thailand. And it is approximately 115 kilometres north of Penang Island. The main island, which is the largest and most populated, is commonly referred to as Langkawi Island or Pulau Langkawi.

“Million Dollar Island” airs Monday — Wednesday at 7.30pm. You can watch it on Channel 7 and 7plus.

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