We Gotta Know: Which “Farmer Wants A Wife” 2023 Couples Are Still Together?

which farmer wants a wife couples are still together
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After weeks of heartfelt connections, romantic dates, and meaningful conversations, “Farmer Wants A Wife” has wrapped up its latest season. This year’s edition of the beloved Australian dating show has taken us on a rollercoaster ride of emotions as farmers and their potential partners embarked on a journey to find their perfect match.

For weeks now, we’ve been following  Farmer BradFarmer DavidFarmer BrentonFarmer Matt and Farmer Andrew on their journey to find ‘The One’. The show has a storied history of igniting love stories, with marriages and families blossoming from previous seasons. And this year is no exception.

Now, let’s dive into which 2023 “Farmer Wants A Wife” couples are still together.

Farmer Brad and Clare

Farmer Brad and Clare on Farmer Wants A Wife 2023
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During the gripping season finale, the 32-year-old crop and cattle farmer chose Clare as his partner for life.

“I’m falling in love with you, and I’m very excited about what the future has in store for us. So if you wanna give this a go, and give this crazy world a try, I’d love to see where we can end up,” he told her.

But what happened after the cameras stopped rolling? The answer is a resounding affirmation of their love.

Despite the challenges of a long-distance relationship, Farmer Brad and Clare have remained devoted to one another. And now, they are taking a significant step forward in their journey by closing the distance. Clare is preparing to leave her current life behind and make the bold move to Cootamundra, where Brad’s farm awaits.

Not only will she be joining Brad in their shared adventure, but she will also bring along her cherished companions –her horses and seven dogs who have been her loyal companions throughout life’s ups and downs.

Brad’s excitement about their future together is palpable. “I want to be married and I want kids, and to do that with Clare feels right,” he admitted. “It’s crazy to think that this experience has worked… it’s very exciting.”

Status: Still together

Farmer Brenton and Sophie

Farmer Brenton and Sophie on Farmer Wants A Wife 2023
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Farmer Brenton’s journey on “Farmer Wants A Wife” proved to be one of the most challenging yet. Unlike some of his fellow farmers who had clarity from the start, Brenton found himself torn between two incredible women: Sophie and Rachel.

“I’ve just got to weigh up these things and go with my heart and hopefully pick the right lady,” Brenton said on the show. Determined to find the woman best suited for his farm and his life, he had a lot to consider.

Brenton found the courage to express his love to Sophie. In a moment filled with vulnerability and honesty, he confessed, “I’ve never felt this way about anyone before. We’ve created so many beautiful memories, and I can’t wait to take you back to the farm. You’re the most stunning girl I’ve ever met. I’m falling in love with you.”

Since the show’s conclusion, the couple embarked on an exciting adventure together. They travelled to Sophie’s hometown of Brisbane, where they packed up her cherished memories and embarked on a memorable road trip back to Brenton’s farm in Darriman, Victoria.

Now living together, their happiness knows no bounds. Sophie couldn’t contain her joy as she described their life as “right” and “natural.” She shared, “Coming on ‘Farmer Wants a Wife’ was the best thing… I couldn’t imagine life without him.”

“We haven’t spent a day apart,” Farmer Brenton added. “It’s been great… it’s nice to be in love.”

Status: Still together

Farmer David and Emily

Farmer David and Emily on Farmer Wants A Wife 2023
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David and Emily’s journey on “Farmer Wants a Wife” was not without its obstacles, but their connection remained steadfast. After the show concluded, their love story continues to thrive.

Despite the challenges posed by distance, they managed to overcome them, building a solid foundation for their relationship. With unwavering dedication and a shared vision for the future, David and Emily are excitedly stepping into the next chapter of their lives together. In fact, Emily has moved to the farm to be with David!

“It just feels right,” Emily said, of the decision to move to the farm. “You know, you always hope you find something like this.”

Farmer David agreed, saying, “We’re definitely feeling pretty excited about where it’s all going”.

Status: Still together

Farmer Matt and Olivia

Farmer Matt and Olivia on Farmer Wants A Wife 2023
Channel 7

Matt and Olivia faced a unique challenge during their time on the show — the prospect of a long-distance relationship. However, love knows no boundaries, and their connection proved to be unbreakable.

During the reunion, Farmer Matt shared some exciting news with the audience. Since the conclusion of filming, he has been offered a job at the Department of Agriculture in Canberra. The prospect of this career opportunity brings about a change from farming, and Matt openly acknowledged the element of surprise.

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“It does seem like a bit of a shock,” Matt confessed. “In a couple of weeks, I’m heading to Canberra to start working in the Department of Ag. It’s a move and a change away from farming, and it’s a bit different.”

Currently, Olivia is tying up loose ends in Wollongong, preparing for the next chapter of their lives. Her destination? Canberra, where she will join Matt and embrace the opportunities that await them.

Status: Still together

Farmer Andrew and Claire

Andrew and Claire wasted no time in realising that they were meant to be. Their connection was so strong that they didn’t even need to wait until the season concluded to know they had found their perfect match.

After the show in Episode 9, Andrew and Claire embarked on a beautiful journey together. Claire, accompanied by her two furry companions, has now settled on Andrew’s farm in Narromine, NSW.

Claire’s decision to stay on the farm with Andrew after the show’s conclusion was a pivotal moment for them. It provided them with valuable time to deepen their connection and gain a deeper understanding of one another.

Since then, they have embarked on an adventure of discovery, travelling together and visiting each other’s families. These experiences in the real world have been instrumental in testing their compatibility and solidifying their bond.

Joined by Claire at the reunion, Farmer Andrew expressed his elation at how their relationship has unfolded.

“The way it’s played out… you couldn’t have told me this would be the result… we’re heading in the right direction. There’s no doubt,” he said.

Claire echoed Andrew’s sentiments, emphasising the comfort and happiness she has found in their relationship.

“I’ve never felt so comfortable. I thought what I wanted was outrageously out of reach — turns out it’s not, so [that’s] good!” She admitted.

Status: Still together

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